Best Advertisements With the YouTube marketing experts

Make sure you stand out. It is largely for your personality that Internet users will subscribe and will come to see your new videos. So you have to work on your style, both in terms of editing, decoration if you work in the studio, diction, humor, etc. The best way to do this is to stay authentic. You should not overplay but rather be relaxed and accessible.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a look at the competition. To see the YouTubers who are doing well and those who have trouble getting started. You will be inspired by the editing, the effects, the tone used or the duration of the videos through the YouTube marketing experts.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Without being too extreme or too divisive, you shouldn’t be afraid to assert your positions and your style. It’s the best to please and unite a community. There are bound to be haters who criticize your way of thinking or explaining things, but it’s also a good way to build engagement. Your “fans” will defend you when you are criticized and the debate is always interesting for the YouTube algorithm.

Make a Business Plan

You have to see your channel as a business. In particular, prepare a calendar over several weeks or even several months, with the videos you want to make. It’s a good way to jot down ideas for upcoming videos, instead of creating everything at the last moment and doing things that are too underdeveloped. Also think about what equipment you want to buy, what outings you want to do, what new skills you want to acquire, etc. You have to allocate a budget and try to save money, in order to move your channel forward.

Create a Beautiful Home Page

On YouTube, as in life, you have to know how to present yourself and be welcoming. This necessarily goes through your profile page. Make a beautiful banner, create a logo, think about your profile picture, and above all work on the thumbnails of your videos. These must be easily recognizable.

If you are making mini-series, which it is better for the user to start with some videos rather than others, then create playlists so that they are easily found. In short, when you arrive on your channel, you must know where you are, and be effectively oriented towards the best content.

Work On Titles and SEO

Your titles, along with the thumbnails, are the showcases for your channel. You have to make sure you are attractive. Just reading the title, the user must say “hmm, interesting, let’s see that” and he will open your video. If your titles are bad, there is no appeal, and then even if the content of the video is great, you won’t have anyone to watch it.

Do not hesitate from time to time to do a bit of “whore-clicking”. You can afford it, especially if the content of your work is interesting and relevant. Internet users won’t blame you if they’re happy with what they find. Conversely, if the title is very flirty, but the content is poor, they will leave the video quickly, maybe drop a thumbs down which is bad for the algorithm, and not come back.

SEO is optimization for search engines. YouTube works with a search engine, so you need to create video titles and descriptions, which put you in a good position when people search for things related to your content.

For example, if you are a YouTuber based in Bangkok, who talks about Thailand, and you want to talk about the most beautiful beaches in the country, be clear and precise: “The most beautiful hidden beaches in Thailand”. Don’t make a headline like: “The best places to swim in the land of smiles”, no one is going to type those keywords.