Bathroom Renovations Aren’t Made For Tight Budgets

We love that renovations are growing in popularity and can’t wait to see how people approach remodeling their homes and bringing out the best in their favorite rooms. And apart from the aesthetic factor that most people strive for, there’s also the objective benefit of appreciating your property’s value and getting more out of your home in terms of financing.

However, one cardinal sin we see way too many people commit is trying to complete every renovation project on a super tight budget, cutting corners in places we wouldn’t normally recommend doing. What’s worse, this principle becomes more important when talking about bathroom overhauls, a renovation project that we strongly recommend avoiding if you don’t have the right budget to back it up.

Hefty Variable Costs That You Can’t Avoid

Firstly, the one disadvantage to bathroom overhauls is that variable costs can be pretty hefty and are often unavoidable the second you discover what needs fixing. And unlike remodeling a bedroom or living room that features many workarounds, bathrooms don’t operate on the spectrum. Furthermore, that’s not even accounting for the sunk costs you’ll end up accumulating over time, which puts a tough deadline on your project. 

  • Expenditure On Labor Is Super Volatile: Labor costs can vary, and while some bathrooms don’t need a lot of work, existing homes that haven’t seen any fixes for quite some time may require a lot more work than your typical renovation project. You’ll also need access to professional plumbing services in your locale to guarantee the quality and still offer you a competitive price.
  • Unexpected Issues Come To Light: While most bathrooms look pretty okay from the outside, it’s not the external parts that make up the bulk of your costs because most of it can be attributed to what’s happening behind all those tiles and vanities. And while a comprehensive review of how well your bathroom is doing is commendable, it also brings to light issues that require serious investments.

Bathroom Fixtures Are Naturally Expensive

Secondly, if you’re looking to change any of your old bathroom vanities and appliances, don’t expect them to come cheap because most of them are naturally expensive owing to their quality and durability. And while reusing old materials can work if you got some craftsmanship skills, not everyone is competent enough to create DIY bathroom products that can compete with what you can purchase from the store. 

  • Quality Materials Require A Price Premium: Quality materials don’t come cheap, and that’s because bathroom furniture and fixtures need to be a lot more durable. After all, they’re exposed to a lot of moisture and humidity that can do a number on their expected lifespan. It’s the reason why many homeowners opt for the warmth of hardwood flooring and the delicate appeal of marble because they’re very durable, and the price premium speaks for itself.
  • Low-Cost Alternatives Carry Consequences: Yes, low-cost alternatives exist, and you can certainly achieve a pleasant-looking bathroom by opting for more affordable materials. However, the same low-cost options carry numerous consequences, such as not lasting quite as long as their more expensive counterparts and requiring a lot more effort on your end for maintenance.

Taking Your Time And DIYs Don’t Always Work.

Last but not least, many people will argue that you can take your time finishing a bathroom overhaul and spreading the work across numerous weekends, but that doesn’t work too well for homes that don’t have any extra bathrooms to spare. And while you can learn bits and pieces of DIY tutorials over time, the inconvenience you get in return is not worth the effort and stress of waiting over a month to get one project complete. 

  • Large Time Investment For Learning: DIY and bathroom-specific craftsmanship skills require a large time investment for learning, and unless you have at least two weeks free on your schedule, it’s just not a feasible idea. Of course, if it’s just one thing, then you might be able to squeeze it out, but then you start running into cost constraints again.
  • It’s Not Something You Can Put On Hold: Unlike a bedroom overhaul that you can put on hold for a couple of days or so to get in the final touches, losing access to a bathroom means no proper showers. And while your colleagues won’t be able to smell you through a Zoom meeting, you’ll certainly feel a lot more sluggish than usual without a bath.

Save Up Before You Even Consider Fixing!

In conclusion, we suggest everyone looking to overhaul their bathrooms to wait and save up until they have a decent budget to start working with so you avoid any of the cost constraints down the line. And if you really need to scratch the renovation itch, we recommend opting for low-cost upgrades that won’t drain your savings or alter your bathroom too much.

Meta title:Why You Should Avoid A Bathroom Overhaul When Short On Budget
meta desc:Budgets are the backbone of any renovation project and the need for extra leeways grows twofold once we start considering the idea of overhauling our precious bathrooms. Keep reading and learn why you should avoid bathroom projects when you’re short on cash.