Bathroom Cleaning Essentials: 10 Must-haves

In simple terms, the bathroom is a warzone. The fight against germs and keeping them clean is a real struggle. Having the right supplies to make this work easier can make all the difference. From OziFresh toilet sanitisers to sanitary bins, such tools make maintaining the toilet an easy task. 

Whether it is the office restrooms or bathrooms at home, it goes without saying that keeping them clean is vital for general health. 

Lack of hygienic practices can spread infections, allergies, and diseases. More so, in the case of commercial toilets, as innumerable people use the facilities each day, it is integral to keep the surfaces and equipment clean to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

But sometimes, people falter for the lack of the appropriate help. Listed below are all the necessary things one needs to keep their bathroom odour and germ-free.  

  1. Toilet Brush:

This tool is a trusted companion to keep the toilet bowl clean. Many people forget that it is vital to keep the brush clean as well. It is good to use it daily, so waste does not collect. 

Clean the brush once a week using a disinfectant. Do it by giving it a rinse and allow it to dry before keeping it back in its holder. 

2. Toilet Sanitiser:

It is a necessary addition to the toilet. It keeps the foul odour away and keeps the toilet bowl clean. Take, for example, the Ozifresh sanitiser that spreads the disinfectant in every flush. It also creates something akin to a coating that keeps off solids from sticking to the surface. 

3. Rubber Gloves:

These are essential accessories that make cleaning less off-putting and hygienic. There is no need for running commentaries on this one. Bathrooms are gross. Wear one. 

4. Toilet bowl cleaner:

It is a liquid disinfectant that helps with cleaning. Pour a small amount around the rim and scrub away. If the foul smell persists, consider using more quantity or use a toilet bowl deodoriser. This thing is the one that turns the water blue and spreads a pleasant odour. 

5. Grout brush:

This thing is not something that one uses over two times per year. But it is still a necessity. It is a good idea to get down on one’s hands and knees occasionally. 

6. All-purpose cleaners:

These favourites help make any surface clean with just a wipe down with hands. The sink, toilet, countertops, mirrors, and other parts are left clean and looking new after its use. Use them as often as possible because it is the easiest and less laborious way to maintain things. 

7. Disinfectant wipes:

It is probably best to get used to the habit of wiping down surfaces like toilet seats to kill germs. Keep them handy, so one can use them when in commercial toilets and bathrooms in offices. One can also use it on any surface that they come into contact with, like doorknobs, sink handles, or flusher handles. 

8. Sanitary bins:

These are must-haves in the bathrooms. It is vital to dispose of tampons, pads, or napkins hygienically. Clean the contents regularly to prevent the spread of infections. Keep in mind to sanitise the bins in between use occasionally. 

9. Air fresheners:

The biggest pet peeve of several people is a foul-smelling bathroom. It is off-putting and undoubtedly annoying. Use air fresheners to keep bathrooms smelling pleasant. At home, buy one’s favourite fragrance and refill once it runs out. 

10. Candles:

They make bathrooms at home a stress-free zone. Just light one up and let the cares melt away soaking in a bathtub. 


Remember to keep these essentials handy and refill or change them periodically.