Are You Selling Your Car to a Genuine Buyer: Tips to Verify

A lot of sellers have apprehensions when they sell used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore. One of the common point that they raise is that they are not sure how genuine the buyer is. While online portals and dealers claim that they are connecting you with a genuine buyer only, it can be hard to verify.

In such cases, here are a few tricks that you can use to judge the ingenuity of the buyer.

Chat Online Before Meeting in Person

A lot of online portals have a chat facility that lets buyers and sellers talk to each other before they meet in person. Use this facility and ask relevant questions to the buyer. Ask them to share details about their background and why they want to purchase your car.

Meet in Person at Their Office

After you are convinced during the online conversation insist to meet the buyer at their home or at their place of work. This way you can cross check if the address given by the buyer truly belongs to him or not. Meeting at office will give you a chance to verify the details of his workplace. If it is not possible for them to meet at office then ask them to share a copy of their company ID card.

Deposit ID Proofs

Ask the buyer to deposit government approved ID and address proofs with you. This can be the PAN card or Aadhar card. Also take a photocopy of their driver’s license. These photocopies should be self-attested by them.

Written Agreement to Change the Car’s Ownership and Registration

Ask the buyer to give you in writing that he would change the car’s registration and ownership within a stipulated timeline. This will give you additional protection.