All you need to know about Patio Houses

A patio is a paved outdoor space adjacent to a home that is commonly used for dining or pleasure. Patios in Brisbane, the phrase is broadened to encompass roofed buildings that give protection from the sun and rain, such as a veranda.

Where did patios originate?

The word “patio” comes from the Spanish, who used it to designate their courtyard, forecourt, or yard (where it is spelt the same). Patios were a common component in mediaeval and Renaissance Spanish architecture. Because of the country’s hot temperature, the spaces surrounding patios in Spain (often referred to as arcades) were extremely essential for providing shade and were lavishly adorned. Since then, the English language has adopted the Spanish patio to denote small, often paved patios next to the home where people assemble for meals or amusement.

In Brisbane, having a patio is almost as important as having a kitchen or a bedroom. The majority of homes today have patios with fully equipped outdoor kitchens and eating spaces, which are ideal for searing summer barbecues.

Pergolas vs. Patios

Patios and pergolas are distinguished by their purpose or function. Pergolas are typically free-standing structures that are wonderfully constructed as integral garden elements or centrepieces. Patios are frequently linked to the home and are generally utilised for eating or entertaining purposes here in Brisbane. Some old-style wooden pergolas wrapped with fruit vines or possibly seasonal flowers may still be found.

Both of these buildings give shade in a variety of enjoyable circumstances. It is up to the homeowner to decide if an attached structure that provides convenience or a detached pergola that provides a sense of peace is preferable. Patios in Brisbane and pergolas both have a variety of design alternatives, so it’s ideal to consider all of your options and consult with an expert to figure out what best matches your lifestyle.

Zero Maintenance

Surprisingly, you would be accurate if you imagined that after construction, the patio would require no maintenance. Although some maintenance may be required, most of it will be visual checks that are rather straightforward to carry out. This is due to the patio’s structural components, which also include stone, cement, and brickwork, and all are long-lasting and sturdy structural elements. If you live in Australia or NZ, you may have to remove grass out the joints between paving slabs from time – to – time in addition to cleaning the patio floor. Unless you live in Australia or NZ, you may just leave it to the intensely hot weather.

Decorate the Patio

Whenever it comes to the sunlight, a roofed patio (like most patios are) will give enough shade to serve as an informal social centre on the lawn. You’ll really like to add a lot of high-end specifications on a patio since it will see a lot of social activity. Brisbane has some beautifully decorated patios that one can spot on drives around the city.

The campfire pit, for instance, might be constructed into the patio’s base to save money on the development, or a masonry or stone wall could be built into this one. A lounging wall, as well as moveable additions such as a barbecue and a backyard set with a seating area, are all possible possibilities. Everything you put on the patio should be weatherproof to some degree, as it will be exposed to high temperatures regardless of the protective surface.

Protection from the Environment

Patios, aside from adorning the back of our house, are very useful in incorporating into your estate since they allow you to spend more time outside. The patio’s sturdiness is responsible for such ability to withstand snowfall that should be evenly distributed throughout the roof’s surface, reducing the damaging load on the ceiling. A roofed patio will also protect you & your family from harmful UV rays, as these are especially detrimental here in Brisbane, Australia and other regions around the world where the ozone has already been severely damaged. A basic parasol may appear to shade you from the sunlight, but it is unsatisfactory since even the tiniest gust of wind may transform it into fatal missiles whizzing about your yard.