7 guidelines for selecting a criminal defense lawyer in OKC

Whether you are facing murder charges or a DUI case in Oklahoma City, you need to seek legal help. Your entire life and career could be on the line, and you have the right to hire an attorney. Firstly, you must only look for attorneys specializing in criminal law and who have been practicing for a while. Here are seven guidelines for selecting an OKC criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Experience over everything: You will find endless prospects when looking for attorneys, but choose one who has worked on similar cases. A lawyer may know everything about misdemeanor charges but may not be as experienced with other cases.
  2. Look for local lawyers: Retaining an attorney who is based in Oklahoma City could be a great advantage. This is primarily because the lawyer is likely to know the prosecutors and judges, and more importantly, they are aware of how local courts work.
  3. Check their track record: Find an attorney with a good track record. They should have experience negotiating plea agreements, but at the same time, the lawyer should be able to represent you at trial. While a significant number of cases are resolved through a plea bargain, not all cases are the same.
  4. Communication skills are relevant: Always choose an attorney who is responsible and takes the time to explain the various aspects of your case. You should be able to trust and have confidence in the attorney, for which the first consultation is particularly critical.
  5. Learn more about fees: Your lawyer’s fee shouldn’t be the only factor for choosing them, but it is a pertinent aspect to consider. Most law firms will take criminal cases on an hourly rate, and you will have to pay a retainer fee, too. Make sure you understand the arrangement.
  6. Reviews also count: While you can get references of good lawyers from others, check what other clients say on social media and search engines. Reviews on Google are particularly useful when shortlisting a few options.
  7. Consider the approach: Did the lawyer listen to you during the first consultation? Did they explain the possible outcomes? Did they share info on the legal options you can consider? The approach of an attorney can tell you a lot about what to expect of them.

Make a list of top attorneys and choose one who has time. You should always listen to your lawyer following your arrest, as the outcome is critical for their career, too, and they want the best for you.