6 Features to Look for While Selecting an Employee Recognition Software

As reported in 2021, Australia has about 2,402,254 actively trading companies or businesses, with over 13,013,700 employees. Recognizing the employees’ work and compensating them is an integral part of a good company. Research states that companies with effective employee recognition programs observe increased productivity and returns on investment and low job turnover compared to other companies. The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment of Australia also urges businesses to have consistent feedback sessions with their employees and recognize their skills and work. Therefore, finding the right employee recognition software that meets all the requirements is crucial. The company must have a thorough understanding of what is possible in employee recognition platforms.

High Rate of Customer Satisfaction

An excellent indicator for good employee recognition software is customer satisfaction. Trusted providers become a part of the company as partners and are interested in successfully implementing the program beyond sales. The software vendor would be actively monitoring the usage and issues in the software to ensure maximum employee usage. They would also be open to feedback and providing customer service. A successful channel for employee recognition can capture the interest of employees and help them engage with the material.

Security Certification

One of the most vital responsibilities of a company is to protect its proprietary data. A trusted recognition platform must have an internationally accepted security certification like ISO 27001 to exhibit its investment and commitment in keeping the employee data secure. The Information Security department and the company stakeholders look for vendors who provide a platform with a standard security clearance.

Compatibility with All Systems to Provide a Unified Solution

Companies having multiple offices across the country would have several departments with systems simultaneously in use. Employee recognition platforms must seamlessly integrate with the workplace systems, especially in the HR department, to ensure the smooth functioning of the software. Different offices and departments of a business might have their process of recognizing employee work and productivity. While installing employee recognition software, the company must look for one that can unify all the functions to provide unbiased reports cost-effectively.

Provide Flexible Reports in Real-time

Employee performance review schedules may vary in different offices. Having a pre-planned or single scheduled access to the employee recognition data would not be ideal. Employee recognition platforms must be accessible at any moment in real-time to provide valuable insights about their performances. The management and the company benefit from keeping track of the number of recognitions received and sent while considering the budget. The program must have functionalities like providing monetary, non-monetary, and peer-to-peer recognition.

Budget Awareness

When a company’s employee recognition program involves reward redemptions and monetary recognitions, they must set a budget for the managers to spend on the program. It ensures that the management can direct the funding to reward the employees while staying within the company budget. Trusted recognition platforms allow the stakeholders to set spending limits for employee recognition at each employee level.

Innovative User Experience and Integration

The company’s software that recognizes its employee’s work must match its values and mission. It must also provide the employees with an easy and fun user experience. Employees are also accustomed to the standard workplace applications like Slack and MS Teams. A recognition platform that can integrate with these platforms and share their recognition certificates on professional networks like LinkedIn is ideal to ensure employee involvement. Picking a platform that the employees are comfortable using will enhance their motivation to interact with it regularly.