5 Outstanding Outdoor Functions for Custom Awnings

Are you looking for ways to improve your next outdoor event? Planet Ark reports that Aussies living in single houses with big backyards spend an average of 5 hours per week outdoors. Home and business owners have several ways to make the Great Outdoors even better, including custom awnings. This provides more versatility in the style, size, and material you can select from. Boosting your comfort level can also encourage your family, friends, and customers to spend more time outdoors for sunlight and fresh air. Customised awnings are ideal for a wide range of events.

Outdoor Eating, Drinking, and Relaxing

Whether it’s for your home’s backyard patio or restaurant’s al fresco dining area, a customised canopy is ideal for both. For example, one reason people don’t like to spend time outdoors is due to the elements, including hot sun rays or heavy rains.

While humans need sunlight and rain, they can also cause health issues in cases like hot summer days or acid rain. In both situations, an awning can keep people sheltered from the elements, so they can enjoy the fresh air while not dealing with harsh sunlight or heavy rains.

Parties and Barbeques

A customised awning is ideal for outdoor parties and barbecues. For example, you won’t have to worry about moving your party indoors if it starts raining. You can still entertain your guests whether it’s a holiday, anniversary, or birthday party.

Whether you’re a fan of beef, chicken, or shrimp on the barbie, a canopy allows you to cook and eat grilled meat even on days there is a sudden downpour. One recent study shows that three-quarters of South Australians purchased a new barbecue grill during the past year.

There’s always the option to move your party or grilling indoors, but it’s not the same. This is especially true from December to February when lots of summer parties take place Down Under.

Vendor Booth

It’s quite common for companies to have a vendor booth outside their business. This allows them to sell fast-moving items to customers and passers-by.

An awning gives your company the ability to sell goods and services if there’s inclement weather. Even if the sunny weather stops, your vendor booth’s sales won’t.

Wedding Reception

Getting married is easily one of the biggest events of a person’s life. The Australian government reports nearly 38,000 weddings took place during the first half of 2020. When doing wedding planning, one of the biggest issues is the wedding reception, and one popular option is an outdoor reception.

If you have a reception at your home, then it’s practical for wedding guests to go outdoors. Unfortunately, there’s always a chance it could rain on your big day. A customised awning allows guests to spend time on the patio or deck without getting drenched or in the Australian Alps—snowed on.

Business Events

If your company has a business event, then an awning allows you to hold it outdoors. You have several options, including product launches, company picnics, and retirement dinners. These events are often held indoors, although making it open-air is possible with a canopy.

Based on factors like the current climate and time of day, it’s also practical to hold these events outdoors. For example, during September through November, Aussie weather is generally sunny yet not overly hot, which makes it practical to move events outdoors.

If you want to hold outdoor events at your home or business, then custom awnings are among the best options. They’re ideal for family gatherings, corporate events, and wedding receptions. You’ll also have more options with custom canopies, so you’ll literally and figuratively be covered