5 Guidelines to Use Teeth Whitening Strips Effectively

While dentists provide professional teeth whitening services, there’s nothing more appealing than a less expensive teeth whitening alternative. This is why do-it-yourself teeth whitening strips are becoming more popular. In 2020, there will be 37 million Americans who use tooth whiteners. 

The popularity comes with the benefit of using these whitening strips for whitening stained or discoloured teeth while being at the comfort of your home. But, if you’ve just recently hopped in on the trend, it can be difficult to unlock these strips’ potential.

So, you’re here looking for ways to effectively use these strips. Fortunately, provided below are five ways you can do that!

Brush Your Teeth Before Applying

If you’re new to using whitening strips, it is well recommended to only apply them after you brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush.

When it comes to deciding whether you have to put in toothpaste or not, it would be effective to use fluoride-free toothpaste, just in case you choose to have one. This way, you can avoid causing the whitening agent to lose its effectiveness.

It’s also worth noting to rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth. As you know, brushing and rinsing your teeth help open their pores, providing a gateway for whitening to take over.

Avoid Making Contact with Your Gums

Although the bleaching ingredient in whitening strips is not as strong as that used by dentists, it still can harm the gums’ sensitive tissue. So, make sure that it won’t make contact with the gums.

One way you can do that is to cut the strips with scissors to match the contour of your teeth on an aesthetic level to help you avoid possible contact points.

Uneven Whitening Should Be Evaded

Another important thing to note also is to place whitening strips on your teeth precisely. If some teeth aren’t covered fully, they won’t be as white as the rest of them.

So, you should take your time and don’t rush the process. Make sure to cover all of the teeth to guarantee a much even whitening result.

Highlight Consistency and Moderation

When it comes to its regular use, whitening strips should be used daily. So, make sure you don’t miss a day! Whitening strips are typically intended to be used every day for at least two weeks.

It would help to have someone remind you or set a reminder yourself if you’re that forgetful. To fully guarantee an optimum result, apply your teeth whitening strips for the entire period specified in the directions. 

Overdoing, like most things, doesn’t always result well. If the strips are used too much, they may cause long-term damage. But, in moderation, these strips are quite safe to use.

Stay Away from Drinking and Eating Anything Dark

Finally, allow your teeth to seal their pores once the whitening strips have been placed. You need to realise that these pores will stay open for a few hours after the strips are applied. So, your teeth are more susceptible to stain if they come into contact with dark-coloured foods and beverages. Keeping your teeth away from these harmful objects contributes to an even whiter smile.

All in all, whitening strips can be an essential part of your oral hygiene if used properly. Once you consider all the tips mentioned, you’ll quickly transition from being a starter to a   pro. Of course, not to mention achieving a more healthy smile and unlocking a confident you.