5 Benefits of Completing the Drug and Alcohol Course in Florida  

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to complete the drug and alcohol course in Florida? If so, Ticket School.com offers a convenient, cutting-edge way for you to meet the requirements of your traffic citation. Continue reading to learn five unique benefits of TicketSchool.com’s drug and alcohol course in Florida.

State Approved Drug and Alcohol Course in Florida

The TicketSchool.com drug and alcohol course in Florida is fully approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). The course is also approved by Florida clerk of courts. As a result, you can complete the course in preparation of earning your Florida Learner’s Permit or to fulfill any court-ordered requirements.

Take the Course at Your Convenience

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If you are short on time, TicketSchool.com’s Florida drug and alcohol course is the ideal solution. Regardless of the day or time, you can quickly log in and complete course material at your convenience. With availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll never need to enter a classroom to meet the requirements. Upon completion, the course will provide all the information you’ll need prior to getting on the road.

Complete the Course on the Go

In addition to being to complete the course at the time of your choosing, you can take the drug and alcohol course in Floridavirtually anywhere. Whether you’re sitting in a boring meeting or have a few free minutes at work, you’re always a few swipes or taps from working on the curriculum. Our fully mobile compatible courses allow you to access content from your desktop computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other device connected to the internet.

Save Money with the Drug and Alcohol Course in Florida

The most common reason people sign up for the drug and alcohol course in Florida is because they’ve received a traffic citation and would like to have the points taken off their driving record. Another common reason people take the drug and alcohol course in Florida is because a judge has ordered them to complete the course. This course can also:

  • Help keep your insurance premiums low
  • Prevent points from being added to your driving record
  • Offers you up to 18{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} reduction on the fine
  • Meet the requirements for the Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)

Engaging, High Definition Video

Long gone are the days of having to visit a dimly lit room to sit through hours of an instructor led course or be forced to read through pages upon pages of laborious text. Today, you can complete the course material by watching engaging high definition video content. You’ll enjoy the highest quality of sound and picture as you complete the course. With cool audio, animations, and video content, you’ll find yourself breezing through the material much faster than you would imagine.