3 Basic Drills for Goalkeeper training

In soccer, the goalkeeper is a very crucial part of the team and his role can determine whether the team wins or loses. To get the most out of him, it is necessary to set up some specific goalkeeping drills that will build confidence and help the goalkeeper perform efficiently. Here are a few basic drills for goalkeeper training:

Footwork drill

The very best goalkeepers should have agile feet.  This is important for them to move smoothly and to position themselves for different shots and passes. They need to learn how to cover distances quickly while remaining in balance and control.
Below is a simple drill for the right footwork:

  • Get a partner to help you- Arrange four cones in a rectangular pattern. Stand in the middle of the cones while your partner stays outside.
  • Your partner should call out a cone number when it is time to go.
  • You should run to the called out cone, touch it, and run back to the start.
  • Perform this drill at least ten times.

2.Diving Drill

Goalkeeper training involves techniques and exercises that help you develop your agility and diving ability. A goalkeeper should have the ability to spring from a crouching or standing position into a dive. This allows you to cover your goal as much as possible as well as giving the team the push it requires to win the game.

Below is an easy to follow guide for the diving drill:

  • You will require a partner to help you out
  • There should be a distance of about 6 meters between you and your partner. Stand ready for the ball.
  •  Let your partner throw the ball underhand to either your left or right.
  • At this point, you are required to dive in, catch the ball and cradle it in before throwing it back to your partner.
  • You should swiftly spring back up and prepare for the next throw.
  • Perform this drill repeatedly for about 20 times. Your partner should speed up the throwing speed as you get used to the drill.

3.Sliding Save Drill

This is a key goalkeeper training drill that helps the goalkeeper get down to the ground, grab the ball and to protect it. It is a simple drill but it is very useful in situations where the only alternative is to slide down and hold the ball to protect it.

Follow this guide for a sliding save guide:

  • You may choose to a have a partner to assist you in the ball but you can do it without assistance.
  • You should place the ball outside one of the goal posts at a distance of about a foot and take a position at the center of your goal.
  • When you are in this position, you should then, swiftly shuffle a number of steps and then rush towards the ball.
  • When you are several feet away, you should slide down and cradle the ball and hold it down with your body.
  • Perform this drill repeatedly for at least ten times.  Practice on both sides of the goal with the ball closer or further from you.