Hi, I’m Alik Levin.

I am passionate about how stuff works and how it breaks. I am security engineer with Caradigm, a healthcare software company. I worked for Microsoft for 8 years as a Principal Consultant in the field and then as a Senior Programming Writer, focusing on security, performance and cloud computing related technologies.  View my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me.

Work is one side of me, life is another – I try to separate them and invest accordingly. Despite the separation there are common themes that apply to both, one of my favorite collection of themes that resonate with me a lot comes from OSC Manifesto:

  • Tools are not talent
  • Money != success
  • Integrity cannot be bought
  • Consume the minimum, produce the maximum
  • Talk is a poor substitute for action
  • Create yourself before someone else does
  • Don’t do what people tell you to do
  • Trust your heart
  • Confront and document
  • Believe nothing
  • Finish things and give them to people

If these resonate with you too then I am sure you will find helpful insights on the website. Or you can  just shop at Amazon.com ;).