Why It Might Actually Be Time To Seek Marriage Counseling

There’s no perfect romantic relationship. Some couples make it look that way in their social media profiles but, trust me, they just don’t bother airing – uploading – their dirty laundry. Props to couples who keeps the bad times of their relationship private, actually. But marriage issue doesn’t have to be something that only the two people involved should be aware of.

In time, they might find the need to have a marriage counsellor like Colleen Hurll Counselling or other well-loved local counselling services to step in. That’s perfectly normal. It’s perfectly reasonable to share problems with a professional than to gossipping social media connections. The latter isn’t even held responsible to keep information private.

But at what point should a couple start asking for help? It can be a tough challenge. However, recognizing the signs and acknowledging them logically helps considerably.


When Living Together Just Feels Like Coexisting

A romantic relationship always starts off fiery and full of excitement. Over time, the feeling of bliss wanes. No, it’s not particularly because of the responsibilities of having a family. A family can be instrumental in helping a couple strengthen their relationship, in fact. It’s all a matter of choice.

That choice is whether to face problems and responsibilities together, the other is treating one’s partner as part of the problem instead. When there’s no longer any air of romance between the couple – at all – then heck, they don’t need to even consider if they need intervention. That should be obvious enough for them to figure out.

Sadly, some couple ends up living together but mechanically. Just getting by day after day, by not really ever considering the romantic side of their relationship.

“Ugh… Stop shouting already.”

No Longer Fighting But No Longer Talking

An even worse state of a married relationship is when the constant fighting starts to die down. Well, it’s good news if the fighting died down because the intervention of a marriage counsellor saved the marriage. But this one – this one is another thing entirely.

A couple who just got tired of each other will eventually enter a state of apathy. It’s like both are like living with a ghost. Not caring for their partner at the very least. Not even wanting to spend the energy telling them that they did something wrong.

This is a fragile state of a relationship to consider counselling. But it’s still better to do so than perpetuate the state of an apathetic household. This is usually considered already too late and a marriage counselling might just be the very thing that will give both partners the realization that there is, in fact, no longer any hope of patching things up.

But it’s better to have both people move on and learn from it than waste each other’s time just coexisting beneath a single roof.

A Precursor To Infidelity

Infidelity doesn’t always stem from a person just being inherently promiscuous. The truth is that some people are pushed to the edge to the point that they want to feel love and importance. It’s still not a justification for infidelity. Just for the reason.

Anxiety adds fuel to the fire.


Fortunately, Colleen Hurll’s anxiety counselling services can work just as great as their marriage counselling. Any couple who might need more than just plain marriage counselling can also address other problematic areas of their psyche.

Who knows, it just might be the very reason why their marriage is on the rocks?