Why do people prefer to play GTA 4 rather than GTA 5?

GTA 5 is a successful game that sets the benchmark for gaming, and you can do several side activities in the fantastic game in gta 4 junubgames. But even though the game takes the spot as the best title in the Grand Theft Auto series, there are some cases where its predecessor, GTA 4, comes out on top. The side missions and graphics are way better than GTA 5, but it is the best time for GTA 4 to get the recognition it deserves. You will know the points in some areas where the game’s underdog takes the cake. 

The plot

Most players with experience playing both games will know that GTA 4 has an attractive story compared to GTA 5. The former match had dark energy in the story, which is missing in the next installment. Since the game has three playable characters, it is hard for players to remember and even follow the story of all the characters. The game GTA 4 had only one protagonist, where the story was hard-hitting, and it was easy for any player to understand. 


It is a place where GTA 4 is way better because they get a realistic depiction of some events. The most common example is the reaction of non-playable characters to gunshots. Other than this, the water physics was more realistic in the game. Swimming also feels natural, and even the waves are more practical. Players can push non-playable characters that come in the way, which is the game’s best feature. 


GTA 5 lets you play with three protagonists for the first time. The protagonist of GTA 4 gets from the right side of the law, where it has a rare quality to find in GTA’s leads. Niko Bellic from GTA 4 didn’t have any unnecessary violence. Niko was famous as a hesitant villain who was more successful in making more people sympathetic to their story. 

Police and cars

In GTA 4, the cars were more realistic and heavier than in other games. GTA 5 offers high-speed sports cars that look good, which is sometimes too appealing, while the crash details in GTA 4 also look realistic. The police were a nuisance in other games, whereas in GTA 4, when the players don’t provoke them or have a cause to be arrested, the offers will not bother them. It is where the players can enjoy the criminal life without any fear in the game. 

When you like a plot twist, you must play GTA 4, where everything is profound and the protagonist is interesting. You will experience the driving physics to be challenging, and the environment is realistic, like the NPCs’ behavior. There is good music and sets that introduce good audiovisuals to the series, and the title shows more details than any other game.