Who Should be Held Responsible for a Truck Accident in Connecticut?

If you have been in a Connecticut truck accident, you may be dealing with serious injuries and losses. Because of this, you want to be compensated for your ordeal. Because truck accident cases are often complicated, you want a reliable connecticut truck accident lawyer to handle your case. Your attorney can take care of all aspects of a truck accident claim, from investigation to trials. They will ensure you get the maximum compensation the law entitles you to. 

How Responsibility in Truck Accidents is Determined?

If a truck crash happens and victims sustain injuries, losses, and damages, several parties may be legally responsible for these. Such parties include a trucker, a trucking company, a rental company, a shipper, a trailer company, or a parts manufacturer. These parties may deny their involvement to avoid liability. Truck accident attorneys can determine responsibility and make sure justice is served and you can get appropriate compensation. 

Your attorney can help with legal proceedings because of negligence, where road mishaps usually happen because of inexperience, not following traffic laws, and truck overloading. Also, they can file a product liability lawsuit for you if a truck or a part of the truck contributed to the accident. If the accident is so serious that the victim died, a lawyer can help surviving family members recover damages. 

Truck Accidents vs Car Accidents

Truck accidents are different from car accidents in many ways. A truck can weigh more than 80, 000 pounds, causing more serious property damage, injuries, or even fatalities than passenger cars.

In addition, truck drivers carry bigger insurance coverage than the insurance policies of car owners or drivers. Truck driver insurance can run into millions of dollars, increasing the stakes for insurers and encouraging them to do whatever they can to avoid liability. 

The Worth of Your Truck Accident Claim

As commercial trucks are big and significantly heavy, injuries sustained in a truck accident may be quite serious. Also, it can be hard to determine fault following this type of accident as a lot of parties may be involved. Because of this, you must consider several factors when determining a settlement amount. But in general, the settlement correlates with your losses and the seriousness of your injuries. 

Collisions that involve commercial trucks can be quite complex and each case is unique. Thus, you must consult with an experienced lawyer to know your legal options. Your attorney will consider your specific circumstances when calculating the value of your truck accident claim.