When Will Southwest Release May 2023 Flights?

when will southwest release may 2023 flights

Southwest Airlines, renowned for its impeccable customer service and cost-effective pricing, has been a popular choice among travelers for decades. For many, planning their trips and vacations revolves around knowing exactly when Southwest releases its flight schedules. This article dives deep into the intricacies of the Southwest flight release system and will guide you on what to expect for May 2023.

Understanding Southwest’s Flight Release System

Traditionally, Southwest does not follow the conventional 330-day advance booking model which many other airlines opt for. Instead, they have a more dynamic approach, releasing blocks of flight schedules several times a year.

The airline usually announces the upcoming flight schedule release dates on its website. Once the release date is identified, the flight schedules typically open at 5:00 a.m. CT. It’s always a good idea to mark the date and set a reminder if you are keen on booking your flight as soon as they are available.

Anticipating May 2023 Flights

Southwest’s flight release schedule has followed certain patterns over the years. Typically, by October of the preceding year, Southwest would have already opened bookings for travel until early May of the following year. This means that by the time October 2022 rolled around, many flights leading up to, and perhaps including some dates in May 2023, would already be available.

However, for the remainder of May 2023, avid travelers and planners might expect a release sometime between December 2022 and February 2023. Please note, these are educated predictions based on previous trends and the actual dates may vary.

Why the Buzz Around May?

May is a pivotal month for travel. It signifies the onset of summer vacations for many families, college graduations, and a peak travel period leading into June. Securing flights for this month in advance not only guarantees a spot on the preferred date but also can offer significant savings. Southwest’s Rapid Rewards members and those who have Southwest credit cards might find additional advantages in booking early.

Tips for Booking Your May 2023 Flight

  1. Stay Updated: Frequently check Southwest’s official website or subscribe to their email notifications.
  2. Be Flexible: Being flexible with your dates can sometimes fetch you a better deal.
  3. Leverage Rapid Rewards: If you’re a member, keep an eye on exclusive offers.
  4. Set Alerts: Use flight booking platforms to set price drop alerts for your preferred travel dates in May 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance does Southwest release its flight schedules?

Southwest releases flight schedules in blocks several times a year, typically not following the conventional 330-day model.

2. Can I book a flight for June 2023 when Southwest releases its May 2023 schedules?

It’s possible. When Southwest releases schedules, it’s often for several months in advance, sometimes encompassing more than just one month.

3. What advantages do Rapid Rewards members have during flight releases?

Members might get exclusive offers, early announcements, or points deals that can be beneficial when booking flights.


While the anticipation of Southwest releasing its May 2023 flights is palpable among travelers, being equipped with the knowledge of how their system works gives you an edge. Stay updated, remain flexible, and leverage any loyalty rewards to make the most of your May 2023 travels with Southwest.