What You Need to Know About Anna Delvey

If you’re wondering what Anna Delvey is, then you’re in luck! This article will give you a bit of information about her, including a list of the celebrities she’s worked with, and even her NetFlix movie.

Plus, you’ll learn more about her life, including her background, why she became famous, and more.

Who is Anna Delvey?

If you’ve ever stumbled across the Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” you’ve probably been surprised by the name of the show’s protagonist. It’s a fictionalized version of the real-life story of a Russian-born German socialite, Anna Delvey.

Amid a swirl of scandals, Anna Delvey is facing charges of grand larceny, theft, and other frauds. After serving two years in prison, she was released, and is now in the process of being deported back to Germany. Her trial is set to begin in March.

Known for her thick-framed glasses, Delvey was an insinuation who slipped under the radar as a wealthy German heiress. She claimed to have inherited a fortune of nearly $67 million. She spent time in Germany and France, and studied fashion at the Central Saint Martins college in London.

Why is Anna Delvey famous?

Anna Delvey was an immigrant with a huge dream. She rubbed elbows with the rich and famous in New York. She hosted parties and attended the city’s most luxurious restaurants. Her bank balance was a well kept secret.

Delvey allegedly defrauded her accountants of over $200,000. Her attempt to get a $25 million loan from a hedge fund was also foiled. She also tried to set up an exclusive international art space.

After getting caught, she was sentenced to up to four years in prison. She was released on good behavior in February 2021.

Delvey’s story is told in the new Netflix series Inventing Anna. The show features Ozark’s Julia Garner as Anna. She’s a German heiress who snuck into New York by pretending to be a wealthy woman. She faked her way to the city’s most high-end restaurants and boutique hotels. She stayed at the Le Parker Meridien hotel and the Beekman Hotel. She wore designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories. She had an exclusive social club and an arts foundation.

Which celebrities did Anna Delvey meet with?

Using a fake name, Anna Delvey became a fixture of the social scene in New York City. She made friends quickly and frequently attended events hosted by celebrity and fashion-conscious figures.

She posed as a German heiress, and claimed to have 60 million euros in the bank. But she was actually a young Russian woman with a small business and a large entourage. She was also known to be a generous cash tipper. She often handed out crisp $100 bills to staff for simple tasks.

She also attended parties and events with celebrities and influential figures in the art and fashion worlds. She met Macaulay Culkin, a famous child actor, at one of those events. He sat beside her at dinner. And she attended an event hosted by Andre Saraiva, a French artist.

Is there a NetFlix movie on Anna Delvey?

The story of Anna Delvey, a Russian-born German scammer, is coming to Netflix in the form of a true crime series. The show, Inventing Anna, is inspired by a New York Magazine article written by Jessica Pressler.

The trailer for Inventing Anna shows Delvey in a glamorous New York City lifestyle. The trailer features her sitting front row at a fashion show. Throughout the series, Anna’s luxurious lifestyle begins to become more apparent as former friends share details.

Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, was a fraud who made her way onto the New York social scene, swindling wealthy socialites, hotels and banks. She later received a four-to-twelve-year sentence. Now, she is fighting deportation to Germany.

Several names in Anna’s world are real, including her lawyer Peter Hennecke, her girlfriend Anna Deavere Smith, her father Alan Reed and her friend Lou Neff. She also has an active Instagram account.

Anna Delvey Summary

The Netflix series Inventing Anna is based on a story written by Jessica Pressler in the New York Magazine. The article was published in 2018.

The show’s plot revolves around Anna Delvey (Julia Garner), an Instagram-famous German heiress who posed as a wealthy heiress. She scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from her friends, acquaintances, and banks.

Anna Delvey was a socialite with a mysterious past. She was a German heiress who had a knack for faking her way into the inner circles of the rich and famous. She wore designer clothes, frequented posh restaurants, and was a renowned stylist.

She also had a strange accent. She claimed to have seven languages, and had access to Andre Balazs, the owner of a top-notch hotel in Paris.