What Makes The Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200?

Are you searching for a low-priced acoustic guitar? If yes, stop searching and do some homework beforehand. Many folks never plan their purchase and are in a rush to pick the instrument. A majority of such buyers finish up with a poor-quality guitar. It’s best to take time and pay attention to important parameters that go into the making of the best guitar of your choice. If you lack information on this subject, read below and find out what to look for in the best acoustic guitar under 200 dollars.


Many beginner guitarists just don’t bother about the durability of the instrument they’re buying. This is undoubtedly a wrong idea. Even though you’re investing a small amount, you should check the durability of the item. If you fail to do so, you’ll have to be content with an item that breaks out easily. Note this point and ensure that the guitar you’re choosing will last longer.

String quality

When it comes to creating sounds with a guitar, its strings play an important part. In fact, it’s the string quality that determines the level and types of sounds that you can produce. Check the strings and ascertain that you can play and create varying sounds. Also, testify the strings for longevity. Nobody wants the strings to wear out quickly.

Guitar Body and built

Aside from strings, the built of the instrument determines the sound quality. Additionally, check the body of the instrument minutely. The body of guitars priced in the economy range tends to be smaller. While it’s okay to own an instrument with a smaller body, make sure it fits perfectly in your hands. If the guitar is too small and doesn’t fit comfortably, you won’t play it properly. So check the body and built and satisfy yourself about its fit and comfort level.


One of the important parameters that determine the quality of a guitar is its warranty. If a product is really good, it will be backed by some kind of warranty. So don’t forget to check the warranty of the guitar you’re considering. An ideal warranty will cover normal wear and tear. It will also let you replace the product in case the product arrives at your place in a bad condition. If the guitar in your checklist isn’t backed by a warranty, you may want to check other brands.

Availability of guitar parts

Obviously, you don’t wish to buy a low-priced guitar again and again if its parts wear out over time. The parts of the instrument you’re buying should be easily available in the market. This will ensure that you can fix the guitar in case some parts get damaged or wear out.

Bottom line

Choosing the best acoustic guitar under 200 dollars isn’t an easy task. In fact, it happens to be one of the most tedious tasks. However, you may get through this task by acting wisely. Just stick to the above-mentioned points when shopping, and you could get the right guitar of your preferences on a tight budget.