What Makes Sisal And Seagrass Carpets Different?

Both seagrass and sisal carpets are popular carpet fibers and share a lot of similar features. First, both fibers are naturally occurring; second, they are named from their origin countries, seagrass from several tropical areas in the Indian Ocean and sisal from Central America. But the question is; do they possess the same quality? Continue reading the guide to get the right information;


When it comes to durability, both seagrass and sisal carpets are extremely durable. When you are investing in something, you must want it to last long. If you are having pets or kids in the house, both these carpet options would be the best as they are durable and won’t get damaged soon.


As seagrass fibers are non-porous in nature, they are highly resistant to stains. Carpets made with seagrass are extremely resilient to oil, grease, dirt, and other spills. These features make seagrass carpets an ideal flooring solution for high-traffic areas such as entryways, dining rooms, lounges, and hallways.

Sisal carpets, on the other hand, can get stained easily. They are prone to moisture which will lead to the warp of the fibers. Soon after that, the fibers start becoming brown.


The appearance of both seagrass and sisal carpets is almost the same. However, sisal fibers can be dyed and available in an exclusive range of earthy hues. This is the reason why these carpets are available in a variety of styles and colors to complement any interior.

Seagrass fibers can’t be dyed. This doesn’t mean that these carpets do not look stylish. A woven seagrass carpet can be a natural complement to any décor. For a unique look, you can place a stylish rug over these carpets. However, the natural greenish tint of seagrass carpets sometimes leaves you limited with the design and color options to match your décor.


Both seagrass and sisal carpets possess some roughness and coarseness. However, sisal carpets are rougher than seagrass. Even though seagrass is a strong material, it is not as rough as sisal. You might feel comfortable while walking on seagrass carpets. Sisal carpets, on the other hand, are not suitable for a house having kids because of their rough texture.


Now when it comes to the budget, seagrass comes out as the winner here.  But both options are budget-friendly.

Placement in Home

Whether it is a bedroom, living room, or office space, seagrass carpets can bring natural beauty to any space. These carpets can act as a counterbalance to energetic, colorful spaces.

On the other hand, if durability is your major priority, you can consider installing sisal carpets in your home. Hallways and entryways are the best places for these carpets. However, they are not suitable for your feet. If you want your space to be comfortable, opting for a sisal-wool blend could be a better option.

So, this is all about the two carpeting types. Both options are good on their own. The final decision, of course, depends upon your needs and preferences!