What Is Order Fulfillment Software and Why Do You Need It?

You can’t afford to have poor order fulfillment in today’s world. People want packages they order to arrive in a timely manner. It’s so important that 54% of customers base their shopping decisions on the shipping process.

The good news is that software can help you better satisfy your customers.

Do you want to learn more about order fulfillment software and how it will benefit your company? Read the post below to find your answers.

What Is Order Fulfillment Software?

Order fulfillment software is a tool that helps you manage your orders from customers. The typical order has a few common steps to complete:

  • Receive the order
  • Pick the order
  • Pack the order
  • Ship the order

While there aren’t many steps in the process, it’s not easy to do this manually. You have to keep track of inventory, track customer information, print shipping labels, and much more.

Order fulfillment software like smartwarehousing.com helps automate many of those tasks. You can keep track of your inventory count and where it is in the warehouse. You can also print out labels automatically to speed up the packing process.

All of this leads to a faster shipping process that makes serving your customers easier.

How Does Order Fulfillment Software Help?

Now that you know what order fulfillment software is, the question is, how can it help? Keep reading to learn why you need software as part of your fulfillment strategy.

Automate Processes

Manual work is one of the biggest time-sinks you have. This work is routine and easy to handle, but it takes time to do everything manually. That’s something software will improve.

You can automate many manual processes with order fulfillment software. That means you can spend your time on more productive tasks that matter more for the bottom line.

Reduce Errors

Saving time isn’t the only benefit you’ll see when automating processes. There’s always the chance of errors occurring when people do things manually. When a computer does things the same way every time, that chance gets significantly reduced.

You can count on more reliable data when using an order fulfillment system. You won’t make as many mistakes when shipping to customers and will have a better customer experience.

Get Reporting

Order fulfillment software allows you to track everything. You can see every order, how long it takes to fulfill, average order volumes, and everything else you can think of. You can make use of all this information.

Your fulfillment software will offer reporting functionality that will let you pull informative reports about your operation. You can use pre-built reports to get common information. Some software even allows you to create custom reports to gain new insights that you can’t get without more work.

Invest in an Order Fulfillment Program Today

You can’t afford to make mistakes when you need to get products to customers on time. If you don’t have a system in place to handle inventory management and order fulfillment, you’ll struggle to create a process that’s efficient and gets results.

The good news is that there is order fulfillment software that can handle a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Invest in it today to run a more efficient operation.

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