What is Involved in Dental Exams in Maryville?

From regular checkups to the removal of plaque, maintaining your teeth is an ongoing process. Any dentist with a dental practice in Maryville, TN, will recommend people to get routine dental exams for maintaining the best oral health. Dental exams help the dentist you choose determine the best course of action for maintaining your oral health.

While some people believe that dental exams are only for children, this is not the case. In fact, adults who have their teeth examined often find that they can reduce the harm caused by cavities or plaque buildup. Having your teeth checked regularly means that you have a more thorough examination, which should lead to fewer breakdowns and less time at the dentist’s office.

Here is what is commonly involved in dental exams in Maryville,

  • Dental X-rays

X-rays offer a way to view the inside of the teeth and can be used to detect decay, cracks, and tooth damage. In fact, X-rays can reveal issues that may be hidden by the naked eye. The dentist uses X-rays to get a map of the teeth and help determine if they are developing properly.

  • Oral cancer screening

With dental exams, you also get an opportunity to get checked for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a problem that can develop over time and can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. Dental exams are the perfect opportunity to perform an oral cancer checkup and detect any suspicious growths or lesions.

  • Gum disease evaluation

A routine dental exam also includes a checkup of your gums to ensure they are healthy and not causing any major issues. Gum disease is something that affects the health of your teeth and can cause them to fall out. During a dental exam, the dentist can determine if you have any gum diseases or issues with your gums that should be addressed by a periodontist.

  • Examination of tooth decay

Dental exams also include the use of a dental mirror to examine tooth decay or any other problems that can be causing issues with your teeth. As a result, if you have noticed something wrong with your teeth, then a dental exam is a perfect opportunity to get the problem checked out.

  • Examination of existing restorations

Another part of a dental exam involves checking the restorations that have been placed on the teeth. This is a way of ensuring that your oral health is being properly maintained and restorations work as designed.