What do you need to know before buy a log home?

A log home is an excellent idea for everyone who love to have a close contact with nature and want to build something special at the additional allotment or simply in the garden. The log home is often chosen by people who live in a comfortable block of flats but they want to relax in a peaceful surroundings from time to time. This article will focus on log houses and will provide the essential knowledge about everything you need to remember of before you purchase such a house.

  1. Think about your budget
  2. Choose the right log home for your needs
  3. Think about heating
  4. Find out about required planning permissions in your area
  5. Contact experts from Timber living to get the best offer

Think about your budget

Before you order your dream log homes ireland, it is worth to calculate your savings. Although buying a log home is much less expensive than purchasing a new, standard home you need to be aware that there are different sizes of the cabins as well as prices. It is worth to know that the prices start from 8,000 euros and there is no maximum limit – it all depends on the size of the cabin, type of heating, sort of timber and insulation methods. Moreover, the good news is: even when your budget is limited, you still may purchase a small log home.

Choose the right log home for your needs

The second important thing that has to be done before you become an owner of a log home is choosing the right one. There are numerous types of log homes to meet expectations of every customer. They are following: single room cabins, multi-room cabins (one bedroom cabin, two bedroom cabin, three bedroom cabin)  as well as garden log cabins (this section consists of garden office, wooden BBQ huts, wooden garages, wooden gazebos, garden studio as well as garden chalet).

Think about heating

During considering purchasing your dream log homes ireland, it is advisable to think about heating. Although the log homes are made of timber, there are no changes when it comes to heating. What is more, there are several heating methods that may be applied in every log house. They are following:

– a log burner

– a solid fuel stove

– a natural gas stove

– an oil boiler

– an electrical heater

– an underfloor heating

As you may see, the choice is huge and you may apply the option that is the most convenient for you, for example an electrical heater or the most modern one, such as an underfloor heating or select more traditional and economical solutions, such as a log burner.

Find out about required planning permissions in your area

Generally, there is no need of having planning permission when your log cabin is smaller than 25 square meters. Some experts also claim that if you underline that your log cabin is a temporary construction you may also enjoy it without any permissions. Moreover, in some regions of the world, the planning permission is not required at all. Nevertheless, it is worth to contact the local authorities and a building department to get the relevant knowledge on the issue. It is always better to make a call than pay the fine later.

Contact experts from Timber living to get the best offer

If you are confident about having one of the log homes ireland or quite the opposite, you may feel free and contact the Timber living company where you may get all the answers for your questions. The qualified staff will be able to tell you more about heating, getting permissions, different types of log homes and a lot more. Furthermore, you may visit their showroom in Tullow.

Buying the log home may be one of the best decisions in your life. It is a place where you may relax and forget about daily routines and duties. If your log home is located in an allotment located in the village, it will be an excellent reason to pack your car and spend there few days. However, if you have a log home in your garden, you may easily escape from comfortable bed and live in the log home even for one day. There is nothing that can stop you and there are no formalities to meet to have the dream log home within few weeks.