What Are the Different Types of Yachts?

New boat purchase numbers increased by 40% during Covid. While the open powerboat was the most popular boat, a percentage of people are looking for more. These people don’t just want a boat; they are buying a yacht.

There are several ways you can categorize types of yachts, so we will cover each one to help you better understand all the differences.

Types of Yachts by Size

Starting with the basics, yacht prices increase with the size of the vessel. The size of a yacht is its length. Mega is the largest, easily reaching well over 50 meters.

Super is slightly smaller at 30-50 meters. Medium-sized luxury is even smaller in the 20-30 meter range. The smallest yachts are between 10 and 20 meters.

  • Mega
  • Super
  • Medium-sized luxury
  • Small

Types of Yachts by Propulsion

The second method of categorization is by the propulsion, or how the yacht moves through the water. Sailboats are the traditional design, relying on wind power.

Motor yachts appeared after the industrial revolution, using engine power to move the yacht. A gulet has both technologies and is a hybrid of a sailboat and motor yacht.

  • Sailboats
  • Motor
  • Gulet

Types of Yachts Based on Hull Design

When looking at the hull of a yacht, there are two types, mono and multi. A monohull is a single design, which is the majority of boats. Multihull yachts are catamarans or trimarans, with separate hulls supporting a single yacht.

  • Monohull
  • Multihull

Types of Yachts Based on Purpose

This final type of yacht categorization tends to be the one most people focus on, especially for yacht travel when renting a yacht. It’s also a ley factoring when looking for boats for sale near me.

Cruising yachts are the leisure vessels that people vacation on. Fishing yachts are designed with the sole purpose of fishing. Trawlers take fishing a step further for large-scale commercial fishing activities and aren’t comfortable for the average boat owner.

A sport fishing boat combines fishing with luxury. You’ll have all the fishing features you need but additional luxury features you would want when vacationing. Sport cruisers satisfy the fishing and activity desire but are meant for short day trips and not extended multi-day vacations.

Classic yachts harken back to a simpler time when boats were works of art. These vessels are typically restored or built new with a retrofitted design. You’ll see intricate and expensive woodworking, brass hardware, and sails.

Finally, expedition yachts are for those with an extreme sense of adventure. This is the yacht you’ll take on a trip to the ice-laden arctic circle, wild Pacific coral reefs, or any other rarely traversed waterway.

  • Cruiser
  • Fishing
  • Trawler
  • Sports cruisers
  • Sport Fishers
  • Expedition
  • Classic

Consider the Types of Yachts

You are ready to start shopping around for your next purchase with a better understanding of the different types of yachts. Buying a yacht is a personal experience, so you’ll need to decide the best size, propulsion, hull design, and purpose.

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