What Are the Different Types of Rugby Betting Strategies?

Rugby is a sport that is a demonstration of excitement, strength, and physicality. There are several people who want to know rugby betting strategies. Rugby betting makes the game the already thrilling game even more exhilarating.

Like most of the other types of betting sports, there are various different markets and strategies that you need to choose from. These are picking a winner, half-time or full-time, try scorers and a lot more.

Here, we will discuss some of the remarkable rugby betting strategies to make the maximum value of your investment and increase the chances of winning a sports bet.

Handicap Betting

When talking about rugby, handicap betting is an ideal strategy that suits the nature of this game. This is a very popular and commonly used strategy that needs to be incorporated into the existing rugby betting. Betufa is the leading online place to bet for a number of sports such as basketball, auto racing, rugby, boxing and many more.

This type of betting implies that you can choose a winner along with the winning margin. Bookies will specify the point’s margin on the basis of what they think will level it out. The greater the difference between the participating teams, the greater will be the handicap.

A handicap betting strategy is one of the important bits that you can use to form a winning bet. This strategy enables you to form a winning bet on the team even when they have been the losers.

Total Points

Another very important and potent rugby betting strategy is Total Points. This is a highly popular strategy not just in rugby betting but also in other types of sports. It is definitely the right market to get involved. A bettor would only require to guess if there will be less or more points earned at a given price.

The right way to form this strategy is to research on the teams. Find out how aggressive they are with respect to the points earned in the game that leads to the match. This will assist in making a well-informed decision.

The primary aspect of this betting strategy is the present form the scoring players of the team; their chief kickers and not to forget the prevailing weather conditions. If you are planning to bet on any high scoring rugby match, then wet weather conditions would not be the right time.

This is because, the past statistics states that whenever rugby match is played in rain, it ends up as a low scoring match. This attacking game is difficult in wet weather conditions.

Winning Margin

It is a standard betting strategy for people who are looking for better odds. They can get high rewards in the market of winning margins. The speculations are made in sets of five-points. Another strategy is the “Winning Market 5 Way Market”. This strategy is ideal for those who wish to rack up more regular and generate more modest wins.


These are some of the top strategies that you can consider while formulating your rugby betting strategy.