What Are the Different Types of Bicycles That Are on the Market Today?

Did you know that more than 100 million people in the United States of America ride bicycles? There are many types of bicycles out there that serve a variety of purposes. You need to know your options if you want to get a new bike for a certain type of biking. Road bikes are great for covering larger distances while mountain bikes they’re meant for off-road trails.

Finding the best bicycles comes down to knowing the purpose that you want your bike and biking equipment to serve. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about the different bikes that make up the biking industry.

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Road Bike

The road bike is the type of bike that you’ll see if you tune in and watch the Tour de France. They have turned-down handlebars and skinny tires. These bikes get made from lightweight materials and they’re designed to help you remain aerodynamic throughout your ride.

The thin tires are great because they’re perfect for gliding effortlessly down the smooth pavement. They’re efficient and fast to ride on. Make sure you understand the legal rights that are linked here.

Mountain Bike

Another common option when it comes to types of bicycles is mountain bikes. These bikes have braking systems that are extra strong and shock absorbers that take some of the brunts when you’re navigating rocky trails. They’re designed with steep and tricky terrain in mind.

These bikes come with knobby tires that will give you great traction on dirt trails. You’ll get a rugged frame that is light enough to endure whatever you can throw at it.

Touring Bike

A touring bike is great if you want to go on a multi-day bike trip through beautiful terrain. They’re designed to allow you to bring your biking essentials with you as you travel across the state, country, or continent. They’re equipped with points for attachments so you can bring extra clothes and even a tent.

These bikes also have a long wheelbase compared to road bikes and mountain bikes. The extra-long wheelbase is designed to give the rider more control when riding the bike.

BMX Bike

One of the most iconic bikes of the 1990s was the BMX bike. These bikes have a single speed and they’re designed to race on dirt tracks. If you have plans to perform tricks on your bike then you’re going to want a BMX bike in your garage.

These bikes are light, strong, and require almost zero maintenance. You can’t go wrong with a BMX bike with some pegs on it.

Start Shopping for These Types of Bicycles Today

There are many types of bicycles out there that are designed to perform different functions. The most popular bikes are often road bikes and mountain bikes, though some of the best bicycles are BMX bikes. If you like camping then you should also consider buying a touring bicycle.

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