What are the different styles of necklaces?

These days the customers have a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing every piece of jewellery. What is more, when they are interested in necklace the choice is very huger and there are necklaces dedicated to male as well as female users. They are following: anchor chain, belcher chain, box chain, curb chain, figaro chain, rope chain, snake chain, spiga (wheat) chain, bead (ball) chain and gucci chain. This article will present the most popular styles of necklaces as well as those less popular. There will be also provided some information where to purchase the piece of jewellery in reasonable prices.

  1. The most popular styles of necklaces
  2. The less common styles of necklaces
  3. Where to purchase necklaces?

The most popular styles of necklaces

First of all, it is worth to pay attention at anchor chain that is also called mariner or rambo chain. This necklace consists of single, small links that are combined with one large link. It is a popular motif among sailors and people connected with yachting or navy.

Another of the chains for men – GLD Shop is called belcher but it is also well-known as rolo chain. This chain is made of interlocking links where alternate links turn 180 degrees. It looks extremely good when it is made of gold and it is available in different sizes. Perfect for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The third most popular chain is a box chain. The links of chain resemble small boxes. It is pretty unique design that catches attention. It is popular among female users as well as males.

Next chain worth mention is figaro. It is a chain that consists of flatted links of different sizes. It was originally invented in Italy and nowadays it is popular worldwide.

The less common styles of necklaces

Among various chains for men – GLD Shop are those that are not chosen very often. It does not mean that they are not trendy or stunning. They are simple not bought often but they are definitely worth considering during purchasing a new piece of jewellery.

First of them is called spiga that is also well-known as wheat. This chain consists of four twisted oval links. They are woven together making a unique and beautiful pattern.

The second chain is bead chain but it is also called ball chain because it is made of balls. However, those balls are not linked one after another – there is a distance between them. This chain will look even more stunning when you purchase pendant that will tell more about you.

During describing chains for men it is also worth mentioning gucci chain. It is alike anchor chain but the links that make the chain are round. The fashion designers suggest to purchase short chains that look much more beautiful than longer ones.

Where to purchase necklaces?

If you are interested in some chains for men – GLD Shop there is some good news for you – you may purchase them in one of the online jewellery shops. Why is it worth to check their offer? You may be sure that the choice is much bigger than in your local shop and the price will be affordable, too. What is more, you have plenty time to make the final decision because the online store is available 24/7. There are not hidden any details because every necklace has few photos that show it perfectly.

As it can be seen, there are numerous styles of chains. However, if you want to select the one it may be a hard decision. But when you are not 100{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} sure what chain to select, it is worth to visit the online store to purchase even two or three chains in a reasonable pri