Understanding Fraud/corruption In Canada

Not only in Canada, but in other parts of the world also regulators and enforcement agencies are taking strict actions against unethical and improper business practices. In order to ensure that you are going with the law of the state and following all the regulations and state requirements, you need to consult a lawyer. Experienced lawyers have a clear understanding while dealing with national and international cases. This will help you prevent yourself from any violation. You can safeguard yourself by taking the services of corruption fraud lawyer.

Foreign corruption

In the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Actwas implemented. In 1998, Canada made the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act. This criminalizes any of your advantage, reward or any kind of benefit to a foreign official in return with his official services.

Companies operating in Canada and extractive sector are supposed to follow the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act. This act was implemented in June 2015. This act requires that any kind of payment made to government whether in Canada or abroad to be reported. In case of failure and proven guilty, a fine of $ 250,000 can be imposed.

Anti-trust or competition law

This is also known as Competition Act and an established feature of economic policy of Canada. The main purpose of this act is to eliminate all those elements and activities, which are responsible to reduce competition. This bundle of economic regulationsdefines anti-competitive law. It has an extensive range of administrative as well as criminal aspects against those companies thatare found to be engaged in any kind of behavior that is responsible to decrease the competition in market. The two main pillars of this act are section 45 and 47. 


In the present scenario, criminal fraud is one of the most prosecuted for offences in Canada. The case of criminal fraud is registered when a personal intentionally by any fraudulent means deceits any person, or a company. If the subject matter of fraud exceeds $ 5000, then the offence is punishable up to 14 years of imprisonment. Corruption and fraud lawyer is well aware of the law and in case of any fraud, you need to take their services.

Anti-money laundering

In order to eliminate the availability of finance to criminals, they have strengthened this act. In the present scenario, there is a need make a global system to safeguard the country against any possible threats. In this respect, Canada has implemented Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act in June 2000. This act is designed to detect deter the process of funds to stop antisocial activities.