Understand Your Essentialities To Lose Excess Fat

Here are all of our tips to help you lose excess fat naturally. The worst ingredient in a diet is sugar. Indeed, many people tend to consume it excessively. Results? Risks of obesity, diseases such as type 2 diabetes or even heart disease. So, to lose weight significantly, it is important to reduce the added sugars in your diet.

Drink Coffee or Green Tea

Studies prove that caffeine increases metabolism by 3-11% and promotes fat burning by 10-29%. Of course, for this, we prefer black coffee and without sugar or any other high-calorie food, which would completely negate the benefit of coffee. Like coffee, green tea is a drink that promotes weight loss as several studies have already proven.

Go Up the Stairs

To lose a few calories without exerting too much effort, it is important to incorporate simple exercises into our routine, such as climbing the stairs. Indeed, this allows you to lose 10 calories per minute on average. For it to be really effective and to lose weight, it is best that it has at least 70 steps.

Don’t Go Shopping On an Empty Stomach

One of the worst ideas is to go shopping on an empty stomach. You will then put in your cart everything that makes you want, including junk food that you will regret later. Do not hesitate to have a healthy snack before doing your shopping to settle down and not to pounce on the food once you enter the supermarket.

Walk More

Opt for walking for your daily commute in order to burn a few calories. In general, a person around 70 kg will burn an average of 300 calories after 1 hour of sport walking at 6 km / h.

Eat On Smaller Plates

The important thing for weight loss is not just how we eat, but also how we eat the food. Indeed, it has been proven, for example, that eating on smaller plates automatically reduces the number of calories ingested. Researchers have claimed that people tend to underestimate the amounts when consuming their food from a large dish.

Eat Spicy

Eating spicy food would be beneficial for weight loss. Cayenne pepper, for example, contains capsaicin, an element that boosts metabolism and reduces appetite.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for health, but also for weight loss. Indeed, research conducted in 2012 by cardiovascular disease researcher Andrew Calvin concluded that people deprived of one-third of their necessary sleep time eat a total of 549 extra calories per day. Numerous studies have shown that a lack of sleep is very strongly linked to an increase in weight gain and obesity.

Drink Water

Drinking water is essential for health. It also boosts metabolism by 24-30% over a period of about 1 hour and helps the body burn calories. Moreover, a study proves that drinking half a liter of water an hour before a meal leads to less eating and thus helps to lose up to 44% of weight. So we no longer hesitate to take our water bottle everywhere with us during the day.

Wash Your Teeth after a Meal

According to the American site Authority Nutrition, no study on this subject has been established but many people recommend brushing your teeth right after a meal. Why? This would dissuade you from eating afterwards. This is a simple trick to know.

Go For Coconut Oil

Cutting out all fat from your diet is not essential for weight loss. You just have to choose the right ones. Coconut oil, in particular, is excellent for your health. Researchers have indeed proven that these fats stimulate the metabolism and burn 120 extra calories per day by reducing appetite. In total, by using coconut oil, you will consume nearly 256 calories less per day. So we forget the butter to cook and we now opt for coconut oil.