UK Family Mediation

Derbyshire Trusted mediators may assist you in resolving a variety of concerns. A family mediator, also known as a mediator in family law, has expertise dealing with families who must make tough choices during times of family transition. Often, this occurs when a couple’s relationship is through a difficult time and they are contemplating separation, divorce, or just need to rearrange their present kid contact arrangements. You may wonder, “Are there any family law mediators in my area?” Yes, if Direct Mediation Services are used! Our mediators in family law serve the whole of England and Wales.


The first meeting you will have with your Family Mediation Council-accredited family law mediator is known as an MIAM. Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting is represented by these four letters. You will have the chance to learn from a competent family law mediator how mediation works and how it may benefit you during your first consultation.

This is a private appointment with just you and your family law mediator present. It is vital to remember that your ex-partner is not present at this meeting, and your family law mediator will not share any information discussed with your ex-partner.

Your former spouse will also be asked to an MIAM with your family law mediator. This will be conducted under the same terms as your MIAM, therefore you must agree that you will not learn what your former partner stated in their MIAM from the mediator.

Following both of these MIAMs, the family law mediator will also determine if mediation is suitable for your specific circumstance. If mediation is not an option (for example, if your ex-spouse declines an invitation to an MIAM), the family law mediator is authorised to issue a certificate for the court that will enable you to file a lawsuit if you determine this is the best course of action.

There are two methods to get an MIAM:

Online: Increasingly, things are completed online, and family law mediators are keeping up with the changes! Some individuals discover that online MIAMs and mediation sessions are more convenient to include into their busy schedules. We can often schedule your MIAM significantly more quickly if it is conducted online, and if you are unable to schedule it during regular office hours, you may pay a modest fee to have it conducted early in the morning, in the evening, or on the weekend. We can perform online MIAMs utilising Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, all of which are quite simple to use, even for non-technical individuals!

In-person: You may be wondering whether there are any family law mediators in my vicinity. The location of the meeting will be neutral, such as the mediator’s office.

How can family mediation assist?

There are three primary areas in which family law mediators may provide assistance:

Child arrangements

Not only is separation or divorce a traumatic experience for the couple, but it is also a particularly disturbing period for their children. They must cope with the knowledge that one of their parents will no longer be living with them full-time, which will cause a major disturbance in their life.

Regarding the care of their children, separated or divorced parents must answer a number of challenging concerns. Who will the children reside with and what emotions are they experiencing? How will they be able to spend adequate time with the departing parent? How will the absent parent stay adequately engaged in choices about the children’s upbringing, education, healthcare requirements, and significant occasions such as birthdays, school, and extracurricular activities? How will the parents properly divide the costs and expenditures of raising their children, including the sometimes-controversial issue of child support?

It is frequently quite difficult for parents who are separated or divorced to make these types of choices amidst the turmoil of their relationship. Mediation may be of great assistance here. Your family law mediator will assist you in keeping the emphasis on what is best for your children, as opposed to your personal sentiments towards one another.

Oftentimes, a Parenting Plan is a vital outcome of your mediation conversations about child arrangements. Your family law mediator will assist you in drafting this document, which outlines what you have promised to do to maintain positive ties with your children. This must be a flexible agreement that can be modified as the children age and their needs change.

This Parenting Plan may serve as the foundation for an application for a court order to formalise the agreement and make it enforceable against both parties if one parent violates the agreement.


Communication between separating or divorcing spouses is sometimes challenging, but it is crucial for the benefit of the children that they are able to discuss essential matters pertaining to their children without dragging them into an argument or forcing them to “choose” between their parents.

How can we reduce conflict? How can we best provide for our children during a divorce? Family law mediators may assist you in establishing a framework for good communication so that you can jointly make the best choices possible for your children.

If your children are old enough, you may want them to have a greater voice in what occurs without taking sides with one parent over the other. At BRAND, we have mediators who have received specialised training in mediating with children and young people. Your children will never participate in mediation unless you, the children, and the mediator all agree it is acceptable and in their best interests.

How will you cope with the introduction of a new partner, for instance, is a subject you will need to consider either immediately or at some point in the future. How will you facilitate your children’s acceptance of your new spouse without weakening the other parent? Mediation can assist you and your children in preparing for this circumstance.

Monetary And Real Estate Agreements

The subject of how to reset the family finances must be resolved, and a family law mediator may assist you in managing what are frequently extremely tough talks and negotiations in this regard.

What will become of the family residence? If it is owned, most likely with a mortgage, it must be sold often. Yet, how should the profits be distributed? The parent who will be caring for the children the most of the time will likely need a larger portion of the income, if there is enough money left over to purchase another home, as well as enough room for the children’s requirements.

As a general rule, assets acquired during the marriage, such as money, cars/campers, investments, and enterprises, are to be shared equally. Yet, if one side asserts that assets did not accrue during the marriage, negotiations may become contentious and challenging.

Private pensions: It is exceedingly difficult to adequately assess a pension fund, despite the fact that pension funds are sometimes the most valuable asset a divorced couple has, second only to the value of their home. Another problem is that pension fund funds cannot often be converted to cash for an extended period of time. How do you determine what share of the overall pension funds is appropriate to allot to each spouse, taking into account their future requirements and their expected future earnings?

When a couple has children, it is common for one spouse to take a vacation from full-time employment in order to care for the children. It may take some time for them to return to full-time employment and become financially independent. In these situations, the individual working full-time is often required to pay alimony to their ex-spouse for an agreed-upon period of time in order to assist them bridge the gap.

Family mediation costs

Family mediation is a very rapid and highly cost-effective method of reaching an agreement with your ex-spouse on a broad variety of topics that they would otherwise find quite challenging to manage without assistance. For a basic MIAM, BRAND charges £130 per participant, and £130 per person per hour for additional mediation sessions. MIAMs outside of regular business hours and on weekends may be arranged for a nominal fee to accommodate your busy schedule.

When you consider that many mediations can be resolved in just two or three sessions, this can be a much more cost-effective solution than, for instance, the tens of thousands of dollars you can expect negotiations conducted by attorneys to cost and the anguish and frustration that arise when direct discussions between you and your ex-spouse repeatedly result in arguments and impasse.

Individuals often ask, “How can I locate family law mediators in my area?” The solution is straightforward. Direct Mediation Services is your best option! Even if there are family law mediators in your area who are somewhat cumbersome to reach, our internet services are the straightforward and ideal answer. Call us to learn how we may assist you in resolving the practical concerns associated with a divorce or separation so that you can go on with the rest of your life.