Uber Customer Service Number for Riders

uber customer service number for riders

Uber, since its inception in 2009, has transformed the way we perceive transportation. But with this convenience come inevitable questions, concerns, and sometimes hiccups. How does one reach out when they face issues? Does Uber have a customer service number for riders? Strap in as we ride through the world of Uber support.

A Drive Down Uber Lane:

To truly grasp Uber’s customer service nuances, understanding its journey is imperative. Born in San Francisco, Uber began as a luxury car service. Fast-forward to today, it spans across 900 metropolitan areas worldwide, offering everything from standard rides to high-end services like UberBLACK.

Uber’s Approach to Customer Support:

Contrary to many traditional businesses, Uber took a somewhat different approach to customer support. Given its tech-first model, Uber emphasized in-app and online solutions over phone-based support. But does that mean a direct Uber customer service number for riders doesn’t exist?

Direct Phone Support: Fact or Myth?

As of my last update in January 2022, Uber does indeed offer a 24/7 phone support line for riders. Riders can access it via the app by navigating to the ‘Help’ section and then selecting the ‘Call Support’ option. This is a significant stride for the company, which once exclusively relied on in-app and email-based resolutions.

The Digital First Aid Kit: In-app and Online Solutions:

While phone support is valuable, most of Uber’s resolution mechanisms are digital:

  1. In-app Help: Uber’s app is equipped with a comprehensive help section. Whether it’s fare disputes, lost items, or ride feedback, riders can find solutions here.
  2. Uber’s Official Website: The website provides a vast array of FAQs and guides catering to common issues riders face.
  3. Social Media Channels: Riders can reach out via platforms like Twitter, where Uber’s support team actively responds to queries.

When to Use the Uber Customer Service Number?

Phone support is crucial when:

  • Facing urgent safety concerns.
  • Experiencing significant billing discrepancies.
  • When digital channels don’t provide adequate solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Uber customer service number available 24/7?

Yes, the in-app phone support for riders is accessible 24/7.

Can I email Uber for support?

While Uber does have an email support system, it primarily directs riders to use the in-app help section for quicker resolutions.

What should I do if I leave an item in an Uber?

Navigate to the ‘Your Trips’ section in the app, select the relevant trip, and use the ‘I lost an item’ option to connect with the driver.

How do I dispute a fare?

Within the app, under the specific trip details, there’s an option to ‘Review my fare or fees’. Selecting this allows riders to raise concerns about their trip cost.


Navigating Uber’s customer service pathways might seem daunting initially, given its tech-centric approach. However, with the introduction of the Uber customer service number for riders, alongside robust digital solutions, riders are more empowered than ever to resolve issues. In the dynamic ride-sharing landscape, staying informed ensures a smoother journey.