Types of Armoring Spare Parts

Armored vehicles have been in the limelight for quite a few years. These robust vehicles deliver more than 100% of what they promise. They are loaded with some extraordinary functionalities and features that will make your journey safe and secure. 

Furthermore, you can decide the safety of your vehicle according to your needs. For instance, if you have work delivering goods that are fragile or of high value, you can opt for SUVs or trucks that are armored. On the other hand, if you are a military personnel, you can use an armored sedan. 

You can also modify your old vehicle as an armored vehicle or add some armoring spare parts to make it heavy-duty. Few companies sell armoring spare parts, like Troy Armoring spare parts

Want to know more about armoring spare parts? Keep reading. 

Bulletproof Glasses 

These are the common things that people with no armored cars want. They might not want a fully armored body, but to ensure their safety from bullets or from theft, people often opt for bulletproof windows and windshields. 

These glasses can withstand a bullet attack, and they will not break if hit with something heavy and hard. If theft is the problem you are dealing with, having these glasses installed will increase the protection of your car highly. 

Modified heavy-duty suspension 

Unlike the normal car, the armored suspension can withstand heavier pressure. While driving a normal car, you will often find that your car will face some or other problems when it comes to driving on rough roads. 

But armored suspension is heavy-duty and wants to withstand a lot of great pressure. Travel as often as you can on the roughest roads, and you will still be saved from any kind of cumbersome situation. 


Now that you know about armored spare parts, you can install them in your car and increase the safety level. These are companies who deal with such stuff, and contacting them will be helpful. You will further get some important insights when you talk to these companies. 

For more security, it is suggested that you go for full-body armoring. Either you can buy a brand new armored vehicle, or you can invest in modifying your old vehicle into a new one. Modifying will save you money and get what is required.