Types of Air Conditioners

People love summers since they get to go to the beaches, to the swimming pool and have a cold drink with one’s friends but at all times, one feels the need for air-conditioners. Therefore, their demand has multiplied in the past decade, and more companies have started manufacturing them. Thus, during a hot, humid and sunny day, while the temperature outside is more than 35 degrees Celsius, one does not think twice before switching on the air conditioner and sitting at home peacefully. 

One can buy air conditiones online or offline can be challenging as many factors need to keep in mind to maximise their utility. There are three kinds of air conditioners amongst which one needs to choose the best for their house, and they are:-

1) Split ACs- Split air conditioners have two units: an inside unit and an outside one. The blower and an evaporator (cooling coils) are located in the indoor unit, while the compressor and condenser are in the unit, which is located outside the house. A pipe connects the two units. Although split air conditioners provide faster cooling and more airflow, they are more expensive to instal and more difficult to uninstall when moving to a new house. Furthermore, there is a limit on how far apart the indoor and outdoor units may be: the farther apart they are, the less efficient the entire unit is. They are also more expensive to maintain than other types of air conditioners.

2) Window ACs- Window air conditioners (also known as monoblock air conditioners) are less complicated to instal than split air conditioners and take up less space. Because all of the components are incorporated in the same unit, installing and uninstalling a window AC is significantly more manageable and less expensive. It implies that if you live in a leased home and move frequently, a window air conditioner may be less of a burden. They do not, however, appear as sophisticated as split air conditioners. These kinds of air conditioners also obstruct the room’s window opening and are noisy. They could also be unsuitable for huge spaces.

3) Portable ACs- Portable air conditioners are simple to transport from one room to another. They are similar to window air conditioners in that one can relocate them. Such air conditioners come with a hose with one end attached to the AC unit and the other outside the window. If you want to chill your living room, where one spends most of their day, and their bedroom, where one spends the night, but don’t want to spend money on two ACs, a portable AC might be a decent option. However, it has certain drawbacks, such as increased noise and a somewhat greater price. Furthermore, they are suitable for smaller spaces.

Many companies make all these kinds of air conditioners and in many variants, and one might find it challenging to get to know about most of them at a single store, so the best option is to buy air conditiones online. Moreover, buying them online has many benefits as one gets more discounts, can view many products and compare them all at once, which makes choosing the one for them more manageable. Air conditioners are expensive appliances, and one should do thorough research before buying them. One air conditioner can easily last for up to ten years, depending on the usage and servicing.