Trendy Hairstyles and Hair Colour for Men Over 50

A person’s sense of style can never be out of date, regardless of age. The appearance of one’s hair changes as one grows older. Some men worry about grey hair, while others are concerned about baldness or a mix of the two. Here’s how to keep your hair looking its best while dealing with thin grey hair. When it comes to hairstyles for grey hair over 50, it’s not as simple or uninteresting as you may think. Young and old alike are sporting grey hair these days, and they seem to pull it off with ease.

Greying of the hair may occur as early as the age of 30, However there are hair colours for men to sport and look classy. A hair colour dye may be used by some guys to postpone the procedure. For those with blonde, silver, or grey hair, using a blue shampoo may help neutralise the brassy hue. Finally, don’t forget to apply a conditioner to soften the hair and make it more manageable while dealing with grey hair. There is nothing wrong with having grey or white hair at any age; it’s only a matter of preference.

Smart and concise

For the over-50 male who likes to keep things simple, here are some ideas for your hairdo. If so, then this is the look you’ll be able to pull off with ease. Maintain a well-groomed beard while sporting short, basic grey hairstyles.

To pull off this men’s short grey hairstyle, you’ll need to maintain your hair and beard at this exact length by cutting them periodically.

Free-flowing hairdo

It’s a youthful and carefree haircut which give the freedom of the hairstyle of loose curls. This hairstyle stands in polar opposite of what an elderly would look like. This hairdo looks well with business clothing, too.

Braids on the Sides

For those who have yet to find the hairdo that best suits their needs, here is the side swept buzz. This style is perfect if you like working out and want to increase your self-esteem at the same time. Take to the streets with a medium length beard.

Tapering hairstyle

Here’s another witty grandpa to pique your interest. With a classic hairdo and a well-tailored suit, you may easily go from the ramp walk to the real world.

Business-Classy Haircuts

The first thing to keep in mind is that knowledge comes with experience. When you take into account current fashions, the majority of older men have successful occupations that need a certain aesthetic. As previously said, this is a traditional business hairdo.

Disconnected Hairstyles

Relaxing in the sun and savouring the simple pleasures are the hallmarks of the summer. The style of your hair is also crucial. Quiffs that are unplugged are ideal for the hot weather months

Grey Stubble Beard

Men in their fifties and sixties may find that hair gels and waxes are their greatest friends. Gray hairstyles are maintained by these professionals throughout the day. As a result, it’s important not to overdo it. Your hair may be styled with only a few strokes.

Calm and elegant

Casual or relaxed hairstyles don’t have to seem unkempt or haphazard in order to convey that impression. The appearance in the picture below is a wonderful illustration of how they can be dressed up. When looking for haircuts to wear to both informal and more formal events, this is the best option for grey men over 50.

Fading Style

Like fashion, hairstyles come and go; what’s hot now may be out tomorrow. It’s true that there are certain styles that have stood the test of time and are deemed timeless. It’s always a good idea to keep your hair short, straight, and slicked back. This grey-haired style is a sure bet for any male over the age of 50.

A beard and short hairstyle are the perfect combination.

In order to keep cool in the summer, choose a shorter length. In addition, it’s a terrific method to style your grey hair and seem younger. This grey hairstyle is also low-maintenance, making it perfect for men in their 50s and beyond who are always on the move and don’t have time for lengthy styling sessions. Do you want a standard haircut for a standard guy? That’s fantastic, and we have no doubt you’ll like this style. Keep your hair short and combed thoroughly to get a precise, structured cut. The grey haircut of this elderly gentleman may be complemented with a beard, but he also looks fantastic without one.

Youthful vibe

You may still have a young appearance even if you’re 50 years old. Maintaining a short length and a deep side part are the two most important aspects of this men’s grey hairdo that you will need to adhere to if you want to attain this look.

Using a Short Comb, Finish Up.

It’s usually a smart idea to go with a deep part since it helps your whole appearance seem more refined. In addition, if you don’t have a centre part, this hairstyle for grey hair over 50 with a box beard is a great alternative.

Hair Colour: Ash Grey

This hue gives you the option of going with a more unique and understated look. After becoming very popular with Hollywood celebrities (particularly singers), this hair shade hasn’t been left behind.

It’s a great colour for many skin tones, and it’s especially good at highlighting blue eyes. The combination of ash, blonde, and light brown hair colour creates a really cool appearance that many hairstylists have mastered.

Hair Colour: Dark Grey

With this colour, you’ll be able to maintain your grey hair while maintaining a more discreet appearance. In order to avoid the total deterioration of dark hair, this colour may be applied to any hair colour. White complexion and light-colored eyes are the best match for this colour scheme.

We suggest dark grey hair if you like a more subtle alteration. If you’re a brunette or have dark hair and don’t want to completely bleach your hair, this is the best option for you. In addition, if you want to use medium, light, and silver grey tones in the future, be sure to transition gradually.

Hair colour: Brown highlights


Brown balayage highlights are a fantastic choice if you want to gradually transition to grey hair or produce a more intriguing hue via a game of tones.

If you’ve got long or medium-length hair, they’re a terrific way to show off a thicker mass of hair.

Instant Hair Colour

Godrej offers three different shades of instant hair shampoo which cab give your desired look in a wash of 5 minutes. Godrej hair colour shampoo contains the goodness of shikakai and amla that nourishes and rejuvenates your hairs.


Washing your hair over the following 24 to 48 hours may cause the colour to fade faster. Professionals also maintain that the naturally occurring lipids in the scalp might be destroyed and will not restore the hair to its natural moisture and radiance, as is often believed.


There are a number of things to keep in mind while deciding on a new hair colour. Everything about you is unique—your looks, your complexion, your hairstyle, the clothes you wear. Why not make you seem younger at the same time with some trending hair colour for men combined with a new hair style? Even the greatest moisturisers can’t match what your hair can achieve when it is properly toned. As you may have seen, there are some who can perform a kind of magic in the hairstyle, wiping away years with a single stroke. What’s the deal? In truth, these stylists have given us the secrets to these hair colours that take away a lot of years. It’s not as tough to find out as you believe.