Travel To Thermal and Desert Hot Springs To Have The Best Weekend of 2020!

Are you planning a small trip to California? Then there are a lot of options available in front of you. The Coachella Valley is home to so many towns and communities that you’ll be confused about where to go. Taking a break from a daily lifestyle is really essential for us. If you need a holiday from your work, then you can visit Thermal and Desert Hot Springs this weekend. Yes! These are two very popular destinations in Riverside County and they call for some really exciting activities. Keep reading to know more about what to do here.

How To Spend Your Time in Thermal?

Thermal has less than 5000 people residing within its boundaries and that is why you can understand how small the place is. Here are the top things that you can do in Thermal –

  • Head to the Joshua Tree National Park and hire a jeep tour through the desert. Explore the different areas of the park and you’ll surely be mesmerized to see the natural beauty of this place. Also, don’t forget to witness the sunset in the evening. It is truly phenomenal here.

  • Visit the Oasis Date Gardens and try out some extremely delicious Cactus Jelly, Piñacolada Shakes & Moca Date Shakes. Their refreshing menu items are surely going to bring water to your mouth. You’ll find it really hard to resist the temptation to eat more.

  • If you are a fan of marijuana products, then Doobie Thermal Dispensary is a must-visit. Check out their website to find out the different kinds of vapes, tinctures, and edibles that they offer. You can use them to worry free because all products are 100{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} quality checked.

How To Spend Time in Desert Hot Springs?

You are bound to enjoy a fantastic time in Desert Hot Springs because this place offers you the combination of luxury and peace. From relaxing at your villa to climbing a hill, you can do it all in Desert Hot Springs.

  • Head to the Living Waters Spa and dip yourself in the warm and tantalizing waters. You’ll surely enjoy an amazing and overwhelming experience. If you are really stressed out, then book an appointment with a masseur and get a full-body rejuvenating massage.

  • If you love hiking, then the San Jacinto Mountain hike trail is a must-visit. Go through barren lands and beautiful landscapes. From the top, you will be able to witness the wonderful view of the Coachella Valley. People can choose to camp at the base here.

  • Visit Doobie Desert Hot Springs Dispensary and order some amazing marijuana products for themselves. These items are 100{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} organic and verified safe to use. That is why you can use them without any side effects. Their vapes and edibles are a must-try if you are shopping for the first time.

So, here are the top things you can do in Thermal and Desert Hot Springs in California.