Top 10 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol is a depressant drug that slows down the brain and Central Nervous system. In other words, It affects all mental processes and the mind. Alcoholic beverages also distort a person’s rational thinking, their judgment, and causes other effects like unsteady movement, slurred speech, and disturbed perceptions. For these reasons and more, every alcoholic should endeavor to quit drinking and be a responsible person and citizen altogether by the help of Florida hangover rehab centre. 

Different alcoholic drinks have varying percentages of ethanol. So whichever percentage you take, when it exceeds the body’s threshold, then alcohol’s depressant effects are bound to manifest. Let’s explore the top reasons why it’s essential to quit drinking as soon as possible.


  • Damaged liver


 Regular consumption of alcohol causes the death of liver cells. When a big number of liver cells die, it leads to permanent damage which is like scars that never heal. Fortunately, the good news is that when you quit drinking alcohol, the liver starts to repair and regenerate quickly. The healing process usually begins within a few days after you end drinking while for severe cases, it can take several months. However, continuous drinking without stopping doesn’t let liver restore, which can lead to liver failure.


  • Save money


 Regardless of the part of the world that you live, alcohol can be unbelievably expensive. When you quit drinking alcohol, your savings will suddenly increase. Most alcoholics must drink almost on a daily basis. Therefore, if that daily expenditure is cut, you’ll literally be laughing your way to the bank at the end of the month.


  • Improve your sex life


 Non-alcohol drinkers are known to have good quality sleep every night. This, in turn, raises testosterone production, which is the hormone that is linked to sex-drive. 

The higher the levels of testosterone in the body, the better the sex drive. Thus, if your sex drive has been lacking, it is high time you stopped drinking alcohol. It is for the same reason why they say alcohol ruins one’s ability to perform sexually hence leading to impotence. 


  • Enhanced skin appearance


 Given the large numbers of toxins in alcohol, too much consumption leads to acne breakouts and premature aging signs. Therefore, excessive drinking negatively affects the appearance of the skin. However, on a lighter note, your skin will clear pretty fast when you stop drinking because the toxins in the body will be reduced significantly.


  • Healthy body weight.


It is said that a pint of beer is equivalent to 180 calories. Besides, alcohol gives empty calories that do not benefit the body whatsoever. This means that it just adds you extra calories. Nevertheless, when you stop drinking alcohol, you’ll lose weight since you’ll not have the empty calories in your system. 


  • Self-Control


You have heard of people that can’t get things done unless they have drunk some alcohol. This means that this person is totally reliant on alcohol to do stuff. Consequently, it leads to addiction which in turn comes with its numerous side effects. When you stop drinking, you will have good control of life, feel happier, and won’t have mood swings like addicts usually do.

  1. Enhances Productivity

If you follow the tips to quit drinking, you will have saved yourself from treating hangovers. Whenever you get drunk, the chances are that the following day will be ruined due to the hangover, which reduces their productivity. Therefore, it is advisable to cut alcohol to overcome all such effects.

  1. Saves time

Quitting drinking saves time for yourself and your family. Usually, drunkards spend most of their time in pubs with friends getting drunk and idling. How about stopping alcohol use and rather use that time more productively?

  1. Saves you from diseases

There are lots of diseases associated with alcoholism. For instance, liver diseases, heart diseases, and kidney diseases. All these can be kept at bay when one stops alcohol consumption.

  1. Self-confidence

Heard of “Dutch courage” word? Lots of guys drink alcohol to gain that courage to talk to girls during night outs. Drunkards usually lack self-confidence and hence depend on alcohol to provide it. You need to stop drinking and try to build your natural confidence. And you know what, it works.


In conclusion, there are a million reasons to quit drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol does more harm than good, health-wise, financially, emotionally, and socially. Quitting drinking alcohol helps improve your productivity and you’ll even love the ‘newer’ version of you that is alcohol-free.