Top 10 Airport Lounges in Dubai 2022?

Dubai international airport is one of the most popular travel places and was considered the 3rd most popular airport worldwide. Based on the cargo airport rankings it is in 6th position Globally. 

It is the entry point to the fantastic hotels, top lounges, and beaches for families living in Dubai. In this post, we’ll provide you with the key to getting the best price on luxury hotels after you have arrived in Dubai to ensure you do not only travel but also enjoy your stay with fashion. 

Below, we’ll outline the most luxurious lounges for airlines in Dubai Airport:

  • Emirates Lounge (First-Class)

It is located in concourse A and offers some of the best beautiful locations in comparison to any airport. There are shower spas that come with towels, luxurious toiletries, and hair dryers. It is the most luxurious airline lounge in Dubai Airport. 

All Emirates flights depart and arrive in Emirates Terminal 3. It is the Emirate’s first-class lounge in Dubai and is among the largest and most unique lounges anywhere in the world. The lounge is elegant and runs the long length of the airport. 

Importantly, it provides direct access to many gates that offer multi-level access to the board. The lounge is entered through the impressive reception area, which is immense and has massive Roman-style pillars. 

Beyond the reception, you’ll find the gallery, which is a collection of top-of-the-line boutiques & duty-free shops. The two pathways flow between the two edges of the lounge providing glimpses of the terminal’s main level and with seating corners all along the way. 

To the opposite end in the lounge, two walkways meet in an area for seating that is adorned with a magnificent chandelier. 

The amount of luxury in this lounge can be excessive and there are plenty of seats available. Each seating area of the lounge in first class has its own food stand, which serves dishes ranging from snacks, sandwiches, and sushi to coffee tables, desserts as well as cheese-based spreads. 

  • Emirates Business Class Lounge

This Emirates lounge can be easily found on Concourse B and is a fantastic lounge but is not quite as impressive as what you can expect from Emirate’s first-class lounge. 

Inside this lounge, which is also known as the emirates business lounge, you are able to enjoy costa coffee, moet, and Chandon champagne, as well as delicious canapes created by Michelin-starred chefs. 

Although it’s a bit utilitarian and conservative in its design it is also amazing to use it via your travel to Dubai international airport. 

International cuisine can be found at different buffets and also Moet as well as Chandon Champagne. The guilt-free snacking option is available at the Health Club, where there are various delicious snacks that include Mediterranean wraps and Scottish smoked salmon are available. 

Bathrooms are excellent and are perfect for washing off after flights. Treatments can be booked in the lounge’s timeless spa. There is also a practical workspace for those who work on the move. It is evident that free high-speed internet is accessible. The lounge provides easy access to all gates. 

  • British Airways Lounge

They have launched an extremely beautiful newly designed galleries lounge to first as well as club world passengers on the new concourse at Dubai International airport. With Beverages, hot meals, and snacks the lounge is a chic oasis that has its very own business center. Travelers with British airways first lass can relax at the stylish Concorde Bar. 

The seating area has a private recliner with footrests and a communal table as well as power outlets on each seat. The view out is the shopping areas of the airport. There’s a range of drinks and snacks. In contrast to Lufthansa British Airways, the British airways lounge does not provide hot or showers. 

To get a greater level of services and amenities, you’ll need to fly British Airways first-class 

  • Marhaba Lounge

No matter what airline you fly with or the type of travel, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing time in Marhaba’s lounge. It is located within every terminal of Dubai. It offers the best lounge services in Dubai. Marhaba lounge Dubai is the most easily accessible Dubai terminal lounge. Hot and cold meals are served in the buffets as well as drinks to treat yourself to.

It is a fully equipped business center that has free wi-fi. The Marhaba lounge also provides an exclusive meet and greet service. This service is unique and offers rapid clearance from arrivals to departures, to assist in baggage transfer, and many more. 

We hope our list of these 4 best airport lounges in Dubai was helpful. You can visit their website to get more details on these services.