Tips on How to Style Your Pixie Haircut

“Eeeeek! I love my new friend Chelsea and her new haircut I created for her tonight! #ilovemyjob @zimbalisalonspa”

The pixie haircut is a timeless classic that looks good on just about anyone who is daring enough to take the plunge. The pixie cut is one that requires commitment because it takes a long time for your hair to grow back out, especially if you get the short style pixie cut. However, you can enjoy a lot of great styles while your cut grows back out. Going from long hair to the pixie cut is a big transition that some women are not brave enough to do. On the other hand, some women feel that this cut provides them with freedom and strength. Either way, the pixie cut is one that will last through the ages because it is easy to take care of and looks good on many different types of faces.

Who Looks Good with a Pixie Cut?

The pixie haircut can look good on just about anyone, but people with long or oblong shaped faces should avoid the pixie cut, or at least they should opt for a longer style of this cut. A long pixie style can help slim the face and jawline naturally. Plus, a long pixie is somewhat like a bob, which is an easier transition for some people. Women with round faces will look great with this type of cut. Also, women who want to bring out their natural eye shape should consider this cut to be an option for them.

Types of Styles for the Pixie Cut

Besides the long pixie bob, there are tons of others styles to consider when getting this haircut. The pixie look is one that looks fantastic on women of all ages because it brings out the inner youth in everyone. Many people are getting pixie cuts that are edgy and layered to add texture and a hardcore edge. You should not be afraid to get creative when coming up with styles for your pixie cut. You would be surprised by how versatile this simple, yet stylish cut really can be. The pixie cut is highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time washing or putting product in their hair. This carefree look is young and hip, which makes it only grow in popularity.

The Pixie will Always be a Classic

The pixie cut will always be one that is a classic because it has a youthful and playful touch that brings out the natural features in the face. People with angular features may want to avoid this particular cut, but there are still many other types of cuts out there that will provide an amazing look. Pulling off the pixie haircut takes a lot of nerve, especially if you are used to having long hair. Many brave celebrities have sported this cut over the years.

Good for All Hair Types

The pixie cut is one that is good for all types of hair because it is versatile and easy to maintain. Anyone who wants an easy to style haircut should consider this to be their best option.