Tips For Creating An In-House Corporate Video

Are you convinced of the importance of corporate video and ready to get started? The Kannelle team gives you the keys to creating your first business video with complete autonomy!

Set goals

Before you even start filming, ask yourself the right questions.

What Is My Goal?

This question will allow you to develop your strategy. Would you like to inform your employees? Thank your customers for their loyalty. Or train your employees?

Who Will Watch This Video?

Is it intended for internal communication? In this case, the video is used to transmit information within your company. It allows you to create commitment with your employees and develop a real corporate culture.

Or is it intended for external communication? If the objective is to reach your customers and your partners, it will be necessary to adopt a scenario that highlights your company’s assets and values ​​them.

Once you have the answer to these questions, Gillespie Productions will guide you step by step in the creation of your video. We have identified 3 steps:

The Screenplay

This step is very important because it saves you time on the next two steps. It allows you to organize yourself and decide who you want to include in your video. For example, you want to make a training video. In that case, you can choose a micro-learning format (focus on a skill or a business gesture), or if you want to do an interview, remember to write the questions, prepare the person by showing him the questions that will be asked, etc.

With Drone Video Services in Green Bay, WI for example, this step is simplified. The application provides you with a library of diverse and varied scenarios. Collaborator interview, scenario, promotional video, and more, all you have to do is choose. You can also create your scenario from A to Z.


First of all: the decor! You can film against a plain background, such as a white wall, or with a more professional decor in front of a desk, for example, the aim being not to distract the audience from the main subject of your video.

When filming the shots, pay special attention to the light. Rather prefer natural light, which makes the videos prettier, but if this is not possible, you can also film indoors with suitable lighting.

Remember to clean the camera for a better image if you are filming with a smartphone.

It is very important to stabilize the smartphone with which you are filming. Place your smartphone on a stable surface, or invest in a small tripod.

Have a clear sound system: even without a quality microphone, it is possible to have clear sound on your videos! Try your best to isolate yourself. Plan B if you don’t have a microphone: use your wireless headphones, such as Airpods, to record yourself.

Choose short sequences to have dynamism in your video and only discuss the essentials.

Your employees film corporate videos from home. No worries, we have the guide for a pro result.


Your beautiful images are in the box; it’s time to put them together. Editing is the third and final step, but it is still very important. Use a graphic charter adapted to your company to make a professional video. Colors, typeface, logo… each company expresses its identity through these elements, so it must be found in your video. Add music, text, and subtitles if you wish, and voila! With Janelle, editing is automated and smart to save you time: the video is made with your music and colors and reflects your company’s identity.