Thrilling Riverboarding and Rafting on the Ciwidey

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Ciwidey is a place in the Bandung Regency, which famous for its cold climate, strawberry orchards, and scenic countryside cut by the Ciwidey river. Ciwidey is renowned for its crater called the “Kawah Putih,” or White Crater” with its own white sand spread out like snow and crystal clear aqua colored river. The crater lake sits on Mt. Patuha in an elevation of 2,386 meters over sea level.

To go riverboarding at Ciwidey, you have to be adequately equipped. Your gear should include a board, that appears almost like a giant surfboard, but on that, you lie down on your tummy, face down to watch the stream of the river which you’re following. The board also functions to safeguard you against oncoming objects. Because this is a reasonably final game, borders should wear a wet suit such as sailors, for protection and keep warm in the water, then you also need to wear a life jacket and protective floaters on knees and elbows, a helmet to protect your head, and fins to assist you to swim.

The 20 km long Ciwidey river has a pretty powerful current, with many large boulders in the center of the river, and full waterfalls of approximately 1 meter or elevation marginally more. Only those having sophisticated grade must venture these waterfalls. Therefore, it’s suggested to go rafting or river boarding Ciwidey throughout the rainy season only.

Boarders usually go in groups. The leader opens the route for the other members to avoid new boulders. After the group is not yet familiar with a section of the river, the chief will walk across the riverbank initially to observe the river’s peculiarities. Safety and Carefulness are of extreme importance.

To get into the Ciwidey river, go to the Pasir Jambu village. This is accessible by street from Bandung. It is possible to drive your car here or traveling by people bus.