Things You Should Know About TV Size And Viewing Distance

What size TV shall I buy? What is the safe TV viewing distance? Spoilt with many choices from brands like Vu, LG and Videocon?

These are the 2 common questions which most of the people ask while buying HD flat screen television. If you are one among them who is looking for an answer to these questions then have a look below.

Be it an LCD or an LED TV their screen size is generally larger than the traditional cathode ray tube television screens. Besides, these LED televisions are generally very light in weight and thinner due to which you can easily mount them on the walls.

If you haven’t used this type of large screen TVs earlier then it can really confusing for you to decide what size is best for your room. As most of the TV manufacturers are offering both OLED and LED TVs with different screen sizes you can choose one, which looks perfect in your room. Remember, you should always choose the TV size by considering the available space in your room otherwise this can cause eye sight issue. The screen size of these LED TVs generally ranges from 15 inches to 100 inches whereas the OLED TVs will be available in large screen sizes i.e. they usually range from 55 inches to 75 inches.

After deciding which HDTV type you want to buy the next thing which you should think about is its placement and safe TV viewing distance. Decide what screen size you want to buy and calculate ideal TV viewing distance. However, if you don’t have enough time to do all these things then check the following information and make your job easy.

Screen Size Minimum Viewing Distance Maximum Viewing Distance
28 Inches 3.5 Feet 7.0 Feet
32 Inches 4.0 Feet 8.0 Feet
38 Inches 4.75 Feet 9.5 Feet
42 Inches 5.25 Feet 10.5 Feet
48 Inches 6.0 Feet 12.0 Feet
52 Inches 6.5 Feet 13 Feet
56 Inches 7.0 Feet 14 Feet
60 Inches 7.5 Feet 15 Feet

If you want to calculate the viewing distance on your own then the calculation need to be as follows.

Maximum Screen Size (Inches) = Viewing Distance (Inches)/1.5

 Minimum Screen Size (Inches) = Viewing Distance (Inches)/ 3

 Check the following table to know how this calculation works.

Viewing Distance Maximum Screen Size Minimum Screen Size
120 Inches 80 Inches 40 Inches
168 Inches 112 Inches 56 Inches
192 Inches 128 Inches 64 Inches

Which is the best HDTV brand on the market?

When we speak about OLED TVs or LED TVs the first brand which comes into our mind is LG. Besides, the televisions from this brand generally have high life span. Trust me they offer a great viewing experience and you will definitely love it. There are many retailers who are offering the LG TVs in online. As not all the retailers offer these televisions at same price it can be difficult for you to find the best deal. However, take help from compareraja to get the best price deals on TV.