Things a Domestic Violence Attorney can do that you can’t do

Often, victims of domestic violence feel trapped in their problems due to the existence of kids, fear of severe abuse in case they try to leave, or even lack of resources. The fact that the victims might be staying in the same home with their assailants makes it a daunting experience, causing memories of physical abuse. This could result in emotional trauma and some cases of depression to the victim.

According to the law, victims of domestic violence should contact the police if they have been subjected to violence or have been threatened with violence. Besides, they should consider consulting with an experienced Vancouver domestic violence lawyer for legal counsel. Here are some of the things a domestic violence lawyer can do that you can’t.

Get a restraining order

The law allows victims of domestic violence to seek protection, also known as a restraining order. This form of protection prohibits your assailant from making any form of contact, possessing firearms, and coming within a specific distance of the victim. In some cases, a restraining order could require the offender to move out of the property shared with the plaintiff.

Gather important information and build a strong case

Most domestic violence lawyers have been handling cases similar to yours for many years. That means they can gather the right information and file a domestic violence case. This is a civil lawsuit that lets domestic violence victims recover for all medical expenses and other forms of financial loss. They can also seek compensation for pain and suffering associated with the violent acts they were exposed to.

File for divorce when necessary

In case the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse, your domestic violence lawyer can help you through the entire divorce process. Remember, domestic violence is a traumatizing issue and divorcing your partner during this period could result in emotional trauma. Therefore, you need someone you can trust and rely on when it comes to emotional and legal support. Your lawyer can fight for your rights to spousal support and ensure that you get the portion of marital property that you deserve.

Work to ensure you get custody of your children

In some cases, the abuser could also be a parent to your children. Your domestic violence lawyer can help you fight to get custody of your kids and child support from the abusive parent. Keep in mind that spousal support and child support are a little bit of complex concepts, and you need someone who can fight for your rights.

Dealing with various forms of domestic violence can be emotionally and legally challenging. Fortunately, hiring the right domestic violence lawyer can offer you the emotional and legal support you need during this challenging period.