The Process of Application of IDP and the Places Where You Can Apply for IDP

An international driving permit (IDP) or an international driving licence is a document or an ID card that gives the person or the holder of the card the right to drive a vehicle or motor vehicle on foreign land, and it is a legal document that has a validity of one year from the date of issue. The way a driving license is needed to drive the vehicles on an Indian road, the same way an IDL (international driving license) is needed to drive the vehicle in some foreign countries. It is called the international driver’s license, and the process of application for the IDP is the same as that of a national license, with only a difference being that in the international driving licence application, you have to give a medical form that needs to be filled by your doctor.

Process of Application for the International Driving License-

Let’s look at the basics of IDP. Before you know the basics, it is important for you to know that there is an International Drivers Association online, which you can join. There you can learn about the various countries’ traffic rules and regulations. Getting back to the basics, an IDP is important because it is a multi-language paraphrase of the driving licence which you get in your own country. If the details on your driving licence are written in English, then an Indian driving licence is sufficient for you to drive a motor vehicle in a foreign country. It mainly depends on the type of visa that you are given and the duration of your stay in that particular country.

Whereas, countries that do not permit these, then you should check if they are a part of the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic. If they are not in the said convention, then they should at least recognise the international permit. Your IDL or IDP should be backed by your present driver’s license.

If the overseas land you are visiting doesn’t come under the above-mentioned category, then you should connect with the authorities of the country and know the procedure and the details regarding the IDL. You should follow the particular laws of the country regarding traffic and road safety and driving, especially when it comes to overseas land.

Place Where You Can Apply for IDL or IDP –

RTO (Regional Transport Office) –

For a vehicle license, be it national or international, you can apply at the local RTO office. The process is the same as that of the national license.

Automobile Association-

Through an authorised automobile association, one can get an IDL. For that, it is very important that you become a member of the association. The membership fees are affordable and include many benefits. For instance, on your insurance premiums, you can get discounts if you are a member of the automobile association. Ensure your benefits and then choose to be a part of the automobile association.

International Traffic Control Association (ITCA)-Standards

It is a non-governmental organisation or association that issues the IDP and is recognised by major car rental companies. They can complete the IDL process within 2 days. The process of application is simple, and the shipping is also comfortable.