The Great Choices of Ukulele

The ukulele is a very democratic instrument, portable, inexpensive and simple to play compared to other instruments. Well, do you like ukulele and want to learn to play? So keep an eye on our three essential tips for getting your first ukulele:

Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Baritone?

Do not understand anything? These are the common types of ukulele available in the market. Soprano is the most popular and a favorite of those who buy the first ukulele because it is smaller and cheaper. But small size can also be a hindrance when it comes to learning to play, mainly because of the size of the houses and the body. With the best travel ukuleles listing you can come up with the best options now.

Therefore, those who are already familiar with the guitar may want to choose Concert or Tenor, which resemble the body of this instrument a little more.

Standard ukulele models most common in the market (Reproduction)

Tenor is a well-known model of many people: he was the one Eddie Vedder used on his great solo album all played with the instrument, Ukulele Songs.

The tuning

Regarding the tuning:The soprano and concert ukuleles have the same tuning, the tenor is a bit more serious. The baritone has the most different sound, full-bodied, guitar-like.

As we are talking about an instrument, we must listen to believe. There are the best ukulele brands for you. Then play the videos below that show the sound of the four types of ukulele:

There are 4 different sizes. From the smallest to the largest: the soprano, the concert, the tenor and the baritone.

The soprano: it is the “classic” size that can be done ukulele. The sound is also very Hawaiian. He is very cute and often more affordable. However, be careful, because it can be much more difficult to handle than others because of its smallness, precisely. The handle is very narrow and therefore the space to play, more cramped.

The concert: the classic size for a beginner. He is taller than the soprano, but remains small enough to make “little ukulele”. The handle is a little wider, leaving room to play. The sound remains “Hawaiian”. This is the recommended size for beginners.

The tenor: much wider and longer than the soprano. It is the ukulele that is played in a general way by the recognized artists in concert. It has a very wide neck and can play not only strings, but also arpeggios (which can be complicated on the soprano and the concert if you have large hands and large fingers). It is more expensive and deserves reflection if it is chosen as the first instrument.

The baritone: it’s the biggest ukulele, it can sometimes look like a guitar. It does not agree in the same way as other ukulele. His tone is deeper and deeper than the others. It is not recommended for beginners, because the agreements found for the ukulele on the internet will not be suitable. However, it is a very nice instrument, and you can have fun playing it. (I have not tested yet unfortunately).