The Difference Between Playing Slots and Other Games

One of the most frequently asked questions from online casino players is: What is the difference between slots and casino gaming in the classic sense of the phrase? We all know they are casino games, but what do they involve? We don’t just mean betting, volatility, and/or strategy. But rather how these two categories work as games. And the answer to that question is surprisingly simple.

The difference between a slot game and a casino game comes down to essentially two things: randomness in play and player strategy. This means that slots lack an element of user strategy, whereas every casino game has an element of luck/randomness. In addition, slots are simpler games because they do not offer any bonus features or rounds, while casino games do.

Take for example Fresh Casino in Canada, when it comes to slot machines, all possible outcomes are known, and if several of the same symbols appear on the reels in sequence, many slots play out only one of them. This is why they always talk about RTP (return to player ratios), because the slot can’t pay out more than what is expected.

On the other hand, casino games offer many betting options, betting lines, and ways to win, so they can pay out different amounts with different probabilities. This is only possible if there is an element of randomness in the game, otherwise, it will be programmed to payout 100% of the time.

What about skill-based games?

You are right in thinking that poker is a good example, but it is not completely random and has an element of strategy. Also, it is played against other players, not against the establishment, so we don’t consider it a casino game, not a poker game. When playing blackjack or roulette, in order to know the end result of one of these games, you need to be guided by appropriate strategies, as well as use logical thinking and mathematical analysis. In contrast, in slots, the probability is known from the very beginning, and therefore there is no room for strategy here at all.

These are the two main differences between slots and other casino games: randomness and strategy. And before you decide whether you want to play one game or the other, you need to understand both, because each has its own features, benefits, and overall fun factor.