The Best Shoe Maintenance Methods You Can Adopt

Like apparel, shoes are an integral part of your overall appearance. Not only do they amp up your look, but they do a fabulous job of protecting your feet. And the better care and maintenance they receive, the longer they’ll be able to take care of your feet and looks. Whether you’ve picked them up from a shoe store or lost your heart out on seeing one online (and immediately placed an order!), your shoes can say a lot about you! Hence, it is time you start treating shoe maintenance as a means of investment in yourself. 

Shoe maintenance is no rocket science. With simple, easy-to-do methods, you can boost the life of your footwear. And here is how can go about with it:

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

As with most things you purchase or invest in, ‘maintenance’ is the key to longevity. Your shoes (or any footwear) are no exception and need all the necessary care and attention for you to use them for a reasonable period. Listed below are some ways in which you can better protect your shoes: 

Moisture Is a Big No

Shoes and moisture certainly don’t have a good relationship. Be it your prized leather brogues or classic oxfords or cool canvas, moisture on shoes gives rise to fungus and bacteria forming. It not only leads to a foul, damp odour but eats into the shoe material, especially the sole, thereby decreasing its shelf life. Desiccants like silica pouches or gels work best to keep your shoe moisture-free. Simple hacks like sun-drying them or using a dryer to dry them when drenched are equally effective. You can also stuff your shoes with newspapers and change them once a week in the absence of silica pouches.

Dust Is Sure to Bite Your Shoes

You should avoid wearing the same pair of shoes frequently, but that doesn’t mean you burn your wallet with frequent visits to the shoe store! When you repeat the same shoes regularly, dust and dirt settle on the shoe surface. And if not cleaned frequently, the accumulated dust gets stubborn with time resulting in an overall dull appearance. On the other hand, regular cleaning and polishing are simple ways to protect your shoes from dust. You can treat dirty sneakers to a nice machine wash and leave them for drying.

Protect Your Shoes From Direct Sunlight

While protection for your shoes from sunlight at all times is inevitable, you can at least store them in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. Because extreme heat can result in dry-rotting and can cause them to stiffen up, storing them in a controlled environment is essential to shoe maintenance. You can also use cloth shoe covers to protect them from direct sunlight.

Avoid Storing Shoes in Plastic Shoe Boxes

Using plastic and cardboard boxes to store your shoes may be far from ideal. These boxes have no vents or place for air to circulate, thereby leaving your shoes with an unpleasant odour. Even if you are keen on re-using your delivery cardboard boxes to store shoes, ensure that you make sufficient vents in it for your shoe to feel the outside air. Additionally, you can also use bags that are made of breathable fabric.

Frequently Keep the Shoe Sole Clean

Often overlooked even when discussing good shoe maintenance practices, shoe soles are an essential part of increasing the lifespan of your shoe. As they essentially ‘hold’ your foot, frequent cleaning and care are vital. You can start by cleaning the insoles with a dry cloth and then proceed to scrape off any dirt collected in the sole grooves with a brush. Something as simple as tapping shoes by their soles will rid them of any dust accumulation.

Use Shoe Polish and Shiner Suitably

Regularly polishing your shoes and frequently applying a shiner will help your shoes with a longer life and help maintain their shine and texture. You can opt for shoe creams that protect them by forming a wax barrier against dirt, dust, and other particles.