The Best Place To Visit While Adventure Sailing In Komodo Islands

Adventure sailing in komodo islands is one of the ways to enjoy your travel in Indonesia. Indonesia is Paradise County with many beautiful places to be visited. With many differences beauty for you to discover, Indonesia surely become the best destination for your vacation. There are many places to travel in Indonesia. You can experience different traditions and cultures all around Indonesia. For beautiful place in Indonesia, komodo islands surely become the top choice for people who travel in Indonesia. Because in Komodo Islands, there are many ways to enjoy your vacation time. One of it with sailing around komodo islands, and visit many beautiful place with wonderful scenery.

Komodo islands have many wonder you can discover in your travel. You can visit comodo dragon conservation, manta rays point, beautiful beaches, unique traditional villages of local people, and many other. If you interested in wonderful Adventure sailing in komodo islands tour, here are some recommendations places you can visit in you sailing.

  1. Komodo Island

For some people, Komodo Island is travel destinations unheard of. But for many people, Komodo Island is famous travel destinations. Because in this island, you can meet with Komodo dragon, a unique lizard species you can only found in Indonesia. Komodo dragon is giant lizard you can found in Komodo Island. Many people, who meet this lizard for the first time, might misunderstand that they meet with dragon. So this is where Komodo dragon name appear.

  1. Pink Beach

Pink beach is the name of one of beaches in the island around Komodo Island. These beaches have unique sands that tend to have pink in color. This pink sand was actually small fragments of coral that settle on the beach. These small fragments make the sands on pink beach have pink in color. Beside its unique sands color, pink beach also have beautiful scenery.

  1. Kanawa Island

When you sail around Komodo Island, kanawa island is one of place you must stop by. In this island, there are beautiful underwater scenery you need to discover. This island is the best place for snorkeling for those of you who like to roam in beautiful underwater. There are beautiful natural coral, variety of small fish’s species, and clear sea water that make this island become the paradise for snorkel activities.

  1. Padar Island

PadarIsland actually is unique island you can visit around Komodo Island. This island shaped like a headland, but with rows of hills on its land. This island is best to be visited at sunrise or sunset. The wonderful scene in sunrise and sunset will make you cannot forget the beauty in this island.

For your Adventure sailing in komodo islands travel, in addition to the four recommendations above, there are many place you can visit in komodo island for your tour. There are manta point, messa village, waterfall, and other destinations. Make sure you come to Komodo Island when you travel to Indonesia to feel the wonderful nature in Indonesia. Travel and tour to Komodo Island will definitely not make you disappointed.