The Art of Incorporating Macrame into Fashion Pieces

The art of doing macrame had already started and been introduced since the late 17th century when Queen Mary taught classes to ladies. During that time, macrame was already used as curtains, tablecloths, and decorations. However, it lost its popularity during that era. Macrame art only reached its peak in the 1970s. It became popular once again and was transformed into a modern art form. Since then, the scope and coverage of macrame widened more. 

People used simple materials, such as yarn, cotton twine, hemp, and jute, to create simple to complex and unique patterns by tying them into knots. They started making jewellery, clothing, and purses. They also incorporated a beautiful macrame bag pattern. Creating these patterned bags paved the way to a new era of bag fashion and trends.


Basic macrame patterns

Before a unique pattern is made, the people behind this craft are very skilled and know the basic things that they should know first before working. They study some primary forms of knots first because these are the building blocks of a beautiful macrame pattern. Some basic knots include square knots, spiral knots, half hitch, and double half hitch.


  • Square knot


A square knot is the most common and easiest type of knot in macrame. It is also considered one of the strongest and sturdiest. 


  • Spiral knot


When a spiral knot is created, it forms a helical shape similar to DNA spirals. It is used in many artworks, but its most common application is manufacturing plant hangers. This knot is also created from a square knot tied in many repetitions. 


  • Half hitch


This is a very versatile knot. It is used in many applications. It is also the simplest knot among the other types of knot. In this knot, the finished product produces wavy patterns perfect for adding extra design and texture in bags.


  • Double half hitch


This is another type of knot that creates a delicate and complex pattern. It adds a diverse level of shape and structure to a macrame bag pattern, making it more stylish and fashionable. The double half hitch knot creates distinctive patterns either vertically, diagonally, horizontally, or free-form.

Incorporating the knots and patterns into different types of bags


  • Sling bag


Sling bags are excellent for casual days when women only want to carry a few things. They work in almost every outfit that one can pull off. They add more texture and definition to an outfit. Their patterns are usually a combination of various knots.


  • Backpack


Having a backpack in one’s wardrobe is a staple, and macrame patterned backpacks are also an excellent addition to their closet. Their patterns usually incorporate simple knots like the square knot, and other styles such as fringes are also added. Backpacks are one of the most needed bags in fashion because they are very comfortable and easy to use and they are perfect in almost all kinds of outfits. 


  • Macrame bag with wooden handles


Putting a wooden handle in a patterned macrame bag might look a little weird or unusual, but if styled appropriately, it can create a unique style that would surely catch anyone’s attention. The bag’s beautiful patterns plus the wooden handle make it perfect to use in formal wear, for instance. They are also perfect for maxi dresses and long skirts.


Since the 1970s, macrame has been a conventional art form that creates eccentric fashion statement pieces and decorations. Patterns are created by tying threads into knots. Some basic types of knots are square knot, spiral knot, half hitch, and double half hitch. These knots and patterns are combined to create bags and other pieces. Patterned macrame bags are a good investment. These patterns are curated into different forms, such as sling bags, backpacks, and bags with wooden handles.