The Advantages Of Online Therapy

Social detachment cannot be an excuse to escape therapy. Many professionals have already migrated to online care and mental health care is essential in times of pandemic

For those who are in therapy, they know this routine well: 50 minutes, once a week. Even though the coronavirus pandemic imposed social distance, this routine did not need to undergo changes. What changed was the format. Now, patients and therapists use technology to maintain mental health care.

The contextual psychologist and columnist , Robson Paiva, reinforces that it is essential to pay attention to mental health and for this, psychological monitoring must be maintained. Unfortunately, neglect with this care happens normally and in the pandemic scenario, this action is even more worrying.

Death itself. So, it is very important to keep monitoring and in this moment of anguish, looking for a psychologist is always recommended ”, advises Paiva.

With more than 100 days of a pandemic in Brazil, people are seeking more help from a therapist. Robson Paiva explains that “as anxiety builds up, people are looking for more clinics, I have seen this in my office, where new patients appear weekly and they arrive talking about the anxiety and fear caused by the pandemic”.

Digital Therapy

CFP Resolution No. 11/2018 of the Federal Council of Psychology (CFP) has authorized online sessions. There, people can check if the therapist sought is authorized to offer online care.

The pandemic brought an increase in the search for this modality. Reports the increase in the number of patients seen in the online or call centre format. Evaluates the sport positively, since more people today have access to the internet and technology. Another factor favourable to the online format is the person has the ability to have access to professionals, who in many cases, they would not have access to.

Points out that a call centre is a fundamental tool for being able to reach those people who are in isolation, cannot leave the house and are in some distress. To a certain extent, this helps a lot, including the recovery of the person’s mental health.

The excess of worries, the change in routine, the pandemic brought countless situations to people. Here are some tips to help you take care of your mental health:

Occupy your time

Worth learning a new activity, how about trying a new recipe in the kitchen? Making bread became a fever in this moment of social detachment. So, enjoy and get your hands dirty.

Other suggestions: take the time to catch up on reading or listen to good music.

Avoid excessive information

No more watching the news or just reading news about the pandemic. It is important to follow events, maintain health care (such as: wearing a mask, if you are leaving the house, hand hygiene).

Look at the problem on the bright side

Don’t focus on the negative numbers, look at the problem from the other side! Many people around the world are managing to cure our health. There are 14 million positive cases and 8.5 million people have recovered from the disease.

The virus is a dangerous flu, however, it is necessary to reduce the potency of the virus in people, for this, it is essential to look at the problem on the bright side. Many patients are curing themselves, scientific research is advancing, with this, we already have antiviral clothes available on the market and the development of vaccines brings hope.

Seek help

This is an important tip if anguish or sadness insist on staying present, do not neglect yourself, seek a qualified professional to help you at this time.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, ideally, this is done at the first signs of anxiety. Early treatment facilitates the professional’s action and can avoid the need to use medications.