Terminating A Contract

Contracts are agreements that have legal force. There are legitimate reasons to break a contract, even if you cannot decide you any longer want to be in it. Because you have changed your mind about what you agreed to or because it would be difficult for you to fulfill your half of the agreement, you cannot escape your duties under a contract. In order to violate the contract, you must provide legal justification. To get help on this, contact Olympia, WA business attorney.

Here are some fundamentals of contract performance as well as some typical grounds for contract termination. Here are some of the most typical situations when organizations and individuals can lawfully exit contracts, starting with the other party breaching the contract:

  • The Other Party Breaches the Contract

You are not obligated to keep half of the deal if the other side breaks it. The most frequent justification for letting a party out of a contract is because the other party has broken it.

  • The Agreement is Based on Misrepresentation or Fraud.

There is no agreement if one side tricks the other into making the deal by fraud or deceit. The fraud victim has not consented to it because they do not know what they are getting or agreeing to.

  • A Party Was Incapable of Making the Contract

Because the law states they were not legally permitted to enter into the contracts in the first place, people occasionally get out of them. According to the law, two types of parties are unable to enter into contracts:

  • Minors
  • Those who have mental illnesses
  • Some Cases Are Not Simple

However, in other circumstances, the opposing party can contest the facts and contend that you should not be permitted to cancel the agreement. You may claim they have significantly broken the contract, but they may dispute this or claim that the violation was not material. Or maybe you claim that the other party misrepresented the item they sold you, but they counter that they just used aggressive marketing tactics without deceiving you.

You will have violated the contract and may be held accountable for damages if you fail to carry out your end of the bargain, and it turns out that you have no right to do so.

  • Contact a Lawyer if You Are Unsure

Consult a lawyer before taking any action if you are unsure of your legal standing to terminate a contract or believe the other party will contest your right to do so. If the law permits it, your lawyer can assist you in analyzing the circumstances and developing a plan and the necessary paperwork to end the arrangement.