Telltale Signs That Your Property In Salt Lake City Utah Needs An AC Installation And Repair! 

air conditioning installation

Air conditioners are necessary in Salt Lake City during the spring, summer and fall months, and this is because northern Utah experiences extreme weather fluctuations that can send temperatures skyrocketing toward triple digits. 

Although we all rely heavily upon our AC systems for indoor air comfort, most of us don’t quite understand all of the warning signs associated with needing an AC repair or replacement installation. We’ve partnered up with the ac installation and repair salt lake city utah specialists at Beehive Heating & Air to develop this page oriented around the telltale signs that you’re in fact having an AC issue. 

So, keep reading on to see what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your property’s AC system! 

Strange Noises Coming From Your AC Unit 

Air conditioner units always make noises while operating due to the functionality of the compressor, but this doesn’t mean that it’s normal to hear gurgling, clanking, or other strange banging noises while your AC system is running. When you’re hearing these types of strange sounds, it’s a warning sign that your unit is on the verge of failing. 

That’s why you simply can’t ignore these abnormal noises, and this warning sign requires an immediate call to your AC repair technicians. 

Your AC System’s Vents Are Blowing Out Warm Air 

Properly functioning AC systems will only blow out cool air from its vents, and this cool airflow also should be consistently steady. So, whenever you’re noticing warm air coming out of your vents, it’s a sign that something is wrong. 

This warning sign could be connected to a faulty compressor, or it could mean that there’s a blockage within your system’s airflow. And it’s important to remember how neglecting this red flag could quickly lead to bigger issues later on. 

Rapid Interval Cycling 

When the weather is really hot out during the summer, it’s normal for an AC system to cycle more often. But even when it’s scorching outside, your unit’s operational cycling should still maintain a certain amount of uniformity. 

Whenever you notice your system cycling erratically or too frequently, it’s time to call in the professionals for an AC repair appointment. 

Ice Building Up Within AC System 

Although your AC system is supposed to remain cold, it’s not supposed to have ice formations surrounding its internal components. This is a common issue that occurs around a unit’s compressor coil, and it’s a significant warning sign that a repair is necessary. 

A common symptom of this issue is when water is pooling around the AC unit, and this is the type of dilemma that’ll require a professional repair to fully address. 

Indoor Humidity Increases 

Another serious warning sign associated with AC repairs is when a home’s indoor humidity levels start to increase. Your AC system is actually supposed to monitor and maintain certain humidity levels, so when your levels go above 50 percent, it’s a sign that a professional HVAC technician is needed. 

Bad Odors 

Bad smells and odors coming from your AC system are another significant red flag that homeowners need to take seriously. This may mean that your system needs professional cleaning or a tune-up, or it could mean that you need a new ductwork installation. 

No matter what’s causing the bad smells, you shouldn’t neglect this and get it inspected right away! 

Persistent Breaker Tripping 

If your AC system’s electrical breaker is tripping on a consistent basis, then it means your unit is likely experiencing an electrical issue. This is a very alarming AC repair issue, because this type of dilemma could potentially lead to a fire hazard. 

And this simply isn’t a DIY project, so you should always call in the specialists when you notice electrical component issues. 

Thermostat Dilemmas 

Your unit’s thermostat is meant to regulate the temperature settings for your entire AC system, so it’s a crucial component that must be working properly. Whenever thermostat issues arise, you’ll need to get it addressed quickly before more problems come up.

Contact The AC Installation And Repair Salt Lake City Utah Experts When Your Home’s AC System Is Malfunctioning! 

There’s a lot that home and business owners need to keep in mind when it comes to AC installations and repairs, and properties in Salt Lake City Utah typically experience even crazier issues due to northern Utah’s extreme climate. 

You can learn more about AC repairs by going to the link at the top of this page and speaking directly with the specialists at Beehive Heating & Air!